Some Sweet Releases For Moody Monday

Some Sweet Releases For Moody Monday

Welcome to your daily indulgence of all the latest playlist must-haves, hand-picked, and ready to enjoy!

Twice a week just wasn’t enough, so our new daily Sweet Releases are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-cancelling headphones. These sweet releases are coming at you hard and fast, and you don’t need any distractions.

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MOONZz — Runnin’

‘Runnin’ by Moonz is set to become a real anthem for female empowerment. The emotionally-charged verses lead the way for the sultry, sassy, and powerful chorus that SLAPS. Speaking about the song Moonz says, “I wanted to showcase the theme of struggle and breakthrough in the “Runnin'” music video, it was important to me that it touched on relevant issues like abuse of power in the workplace or domestic violence in the home – real, visceral, emotive themes that many people experience and struggle with on the daily. I’m humbled to share this video with you. Please share your stories of struggle & breakthrough with me and the world.”

Jamie- Lee Dimes — Virginia

Here for the slow n’ lazy love songs of a 60s revival Jamie-Lee Dimes bring us ‘Virginia.’ Bringing the psychedelic vibes to life with her music, her voice hypnotizes us to sway to the rhythm. Get moody as we take a trip underneath to a road of politics and good ole Virginia on a slide guitar. Outspoken and brilliant, Dimes is a woman you should never underestimate. While SXSW might be canceled, there are still other opportunities to see Jamie-Lee Dimes live in Texas, New York, and California.

MIYA MIYA — Underwater

With a music video that seems to be plucked out of a movie, MIYA MIYA brings us ‘Underwater.’ Clean vocals harmonize and dance to a sparse track. When the beat drops, it feels like this music could fit right in with a Kingdom Hearts opening. Rising and falling like waves, the music and vocals create the most engaging dance. Limitless and excited this song can lift your spirits and encourage you. Stunning framing is just part of the reason you should give ‘Underwater’ a watch.

Halogram — Obsolete Future

With a guitar that pulls you right into it, you can imagine the mosh pit start jumping to this beat. No lyrics needed, the music itself has a powerful draw. Guitar riffs that are reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold, we are more than hooked. The piano comes in for a surprise attack seemingly right at home as it duals out with the guitar. ‘Obsolete Future’ sounds like it’s pulled straight from an epic boss battled or movie’s climactic fight scene. Halogram knows precisely what they’re doing. Don’t let us stop you, jump right into it.

Lili Kendall — i am my own

A color palette made of straight cotton candy we feel warm and assured watching this music video. Vocals coming straight from the heart lyrics are wrapped in a compassionate light. An exploration of form and belonging in one’s own body. The costume designs are breathtaking and detailed. Chronicling an evolution from girl to woman ‘i am my own’ by Lili Kendall is one song to wash away your doubts or comfort you that discomfort isn’t all bad. You have all you need. You are your own home.

Whipped cream for Sweet Releases
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Well, there you have it. Another round of Sweet Releases! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of potential favorites and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here. Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep| Words: Kat Voss, Emily Defoor, and Jodie Rose Loren, Gabbi Van Valkenburg

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