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We’re Here To Dance ‘One Last Time’

We’re Here To Dance ‘One Last Time’

It’s a late night, and the club is about to close. The bodies around you move in tune to the beat, except for that one guy your friends have assumed at this point is just too into it to notice. You’ve down your millionth bottle of water. Sweat is pouring from you, and you tell your friends it’s about time you go. As you head for the door, the unimaginable happens. DJ says it’s the last song. Like a plea from the dance gods the music begins, and you’re pulled back to the dance floor. Do you know what song they’re playing?

‘One Last Time’

‘One Last Time’ Alesso and DubVision

That’s right, it’s this one. This is the song to begin and end a night. It’s monumental and fun, a stellar collaboration between a Grammy-nominated artist and a dance music duo. When you hear that opening build up your heart squeezes. You know it’s time to put all you have into this one final song. Spent but your energy returns with the lyrics soothing your aches. It’s not over. And just when you think it is we’re on stand by, we’re going to make this last dance count.


If you want to see Alesso live this is your chance. He will be headlining the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. Dates are May 15th-17th. You’re not going to want to miss this. The desert, Vegas, colorful lights, and you can bet good music. What more can you ask for?

We hope you enjoyed the beats. If you want more, click here. If you’d rather have a small dose of honey, we have a sweet treat for you. And if you’re exhausted after the late club night, we have playlists for you too. Tell us what you thought of ‘One Last Time’ in the comments below, or check out our Twitter and give us a tweet @thehoneypop

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Alesso’s Official YouTube Channel

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