5 Seconds Of Summer Take Us On Journey To The Past With New Music Video For ‘Old Me.’ Here’s 10 Nostaglic 5SOS Moments We’d Relive If We Could

5 Seconds Of Summer Take Us On Journey To The Past With New Music Video For ‘Old Me.’ Here’s 10 Nostaglic 5SOS Moments We’d Relive If We Could

Do ya hear that? Is it tears or just the fucking rain? We’re pretty sure it’s the sound of our hearts shattering onto a million pieces over 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new music video for ‘Old Me.’

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The guys teamed up again with Hannah Davis Lux, who also directed ‘No Shame,’ and just look at all of her talents shining through in both videos, it’s unbelievable. This video is more heart-wrenching than we ever expected as the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer have young actors to portray their younger selves throughout their journey in life and as a band. It’s nostalgic and leaves us sobbing on the bedroom floor. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video below, and see for yourself.

The power that this video has is beyond anything words can describe. 5SOS went straight in for the wig snatch, and, quite frankly, we’re not even a little bit upset about it. Bye-bye sturdy emotional wall and hello to 5SOS and 5SOS only.

After having 5SOS take us through the past, we thought we would take you lovely Honey Poppers on our blast from the past moment and give you 10 of our favorite 5 Seconds of Summer moments we’d relive if we could! So, strap on your helmets and buckle those seat belts because this time machine is taking off!

Literally All 5SOS Keeks

Keek may have died, but these classics will live on in the hearts of the 5sosFam everywhere. We love to watch them and reminisce on simpler times.

‘Heartbreak Girl’ Music Video

We aren’t trying to be loud, but this video is 7 years old as of February 22. BRB, we need to go grab a box of tissues and watch it 4000 times.

‘Check Yes Juliet’ Cover

Luke and Michael may have hated this cover, and ended up deleting it from YouTube, but it was legendary to the OG 5SOSFam, and we have been desperately wishing for a new cover of the track from the band as a whole, so 5SOS if you read this, we are begging you!

‘Lego House’ Cover

This is in our top 5 favorite Luke Hemmings covers to date. He seems so shy here, but he completely nails it, and it will live on in our hearts forever.

Bonzi and Fonzi

If there’s one thing the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have going for them, it’s a sense of humor. They always know how to make fans laugh, and the Bonzi and Fonzi skit was just one example.

Cocktail Chats

This series is seven parts long, and we got some iconic memes from the band members during these chats, as well as some very informative content.

Michael’s Iconic Pick-up Line

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, but that joke probably even made the titanic blush.

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ Cover

This is the first video they posted together as a band of four, and this video turned 8-years-old at the end of last year. This is THE video that made 5SOS the band we know today.

5SOS Target Prank

This prank was iconic and beyond hilarious. They look too realistic as old couples we can’t even deal with their insanity but in a good way.

‘Wherever You Are’ Video

This music video in and of itself plays all of the nostalgic moments we wish lived on forever. ‘Wherever You Are’ is the perfect closing moment for our list!

There you have it 5SOSFam, 10 of our favorite 5 Seconds Of Summer moments that we wish we could relive forever. If this just isn’t enough to keep your 5SOS heart at bay, go right now and pre-order their upcoming album CALM. While you’re at it, grab your tickets to catch the boys on their No Shame Tour, but you better hurry before they sell out!

Do you love our 5SOS blast from the past list? What is your favorite nostalgic 5SOS moment? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about 5 Seconds Of Summer:

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Featured Image Source: Screenshot taken from the ‘Old Me’ music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis

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