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Gone Apesh*t for New Eminem video ‘Godzilla’ ft. Juice Wrld

Gone Apesh*t for New Eminem video ‘Godzilla’ ft. Juice Wrld

Okay, listen, Eminem is one of those artists that you ride or die for. I mean, come on, he paved the way for so many artists to be confrontational, unconventional, raw, and provocative. Always honest with his struggles in his personal life, with his ex-wife, mother, addiction, he’s no stranger to owning his past and using it in his work. Sure, many think his lifestyle is or was jarring to the average human being, but the truth is, it could be any of us. 

His out of the box thinking has always made it fun for fans like us to enjoy his unique artistry. When he put out his new album, it shocked the world. Features from a strew of artists that are up and coming on the scene, as well as some predominant artists, make this album all the rage. Young M.A., Ed Sheeran, and Juice WRLD, to name a few. While we’ve loved them all, we, of course, are a little partial to one in particular. 

For us, the stars aligned as Eminem delivers us a video for just the one we’d hoped for off of the new record. ‘Godzilla’ ft. Juice WRLD. While there are many reasons why we love it, we’re going to narrow it down for you. With that, here are three reasons you need to tune in to this one:

Marshall Mathers: Offical Badass

1. Marshall Mathers is just a badass. Period. We’ve loved everything he’s ever done, yes, even the ones he himself has hated. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Because it wouldn’t be Eminem without feuds with Fred Durst, Mariah Carey, and even our boy MGK. With vomit on his sweater, mom’s spaghetti and all. So, yeah, on precedent alone, you should always want to rock with Eminem. 

Collaboration Of A Lifetime

2. This feature slaps because it’s Juice WRLD for Christ’s sake. Hopefully, Juice WRLD is a familiar name to you, and you were able to enjoy him and his music for all that it is, before his untimely death late last year. If not, well, that’s a whole new can of worms, but we insist you check him out too. (Hit us up in the comments for song suggestions, we gotcha.) Firmly this is reason number two. Collabs like this don’t happen every lifetime. This song rips. Appreciate it. 


3. Cole Bennett. Yes, we realize that the focus of this is Eminem and his new video, but there’s a reason he chose Cole to direct it, and we think that the decision was hella fresh. Luckily for you, we’re familiar with Cole Bennett, as he directed many of Juice WRLD’s videos, all of which are genius. Lyrical Lemonade. Get familiar with it; we promise it’s more than relevant. His visions are unique, out of the box, and flow perfectly with Eminem’s style. Making them a perfect pair for a flawless execution of a video. 

Now, if these reasons alone don’t get you watching the trending ‘Godzilla’ video, it’s devoted in loving memory of Jarad’ Juice WRLD’ Higgens (We love you homie!) and deserves all the love. 

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