Our Dream Dan+Shay Setlist For The Arena Tour

Our Dream Dan+Shay Setlist For The Arena Tour

Dan+Shay are embarking on another tour with the last one being a double headline with Florida Georgia Line. This tour, called The Dan+Shay Arena Tour, will mainly be, you guessed it, arenas! 

The duo also hit up Nashville following the devastating tornadoes to play two sold-out shows with the proceeds going to donations to repair the beloved city. 

With that said, we are so excited to see what Dan+Shay will have planned for us on tour, and we can’t help but wonder what the setlist will look like. In fact, we put together our own setlist! 

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Remember this guy? An oldie but a goodie for sure! This song started it all for this country duo, so it only makes sense to have it first on our list. It may be slower, but the vocals are still here to rock your world live, shots anyone?

‘All Nighter’

Okay, this song is just so fun. It makes you want to dance right off the bat and literally pull an all-nighter. If you haven’t heard this song before, get ready to hit the repeat button.

‘Road trippin’

Road trip anyone? We suddenly need a Jeep and long hair to let down for this song! It’s the perfect summer song for any time and one to add to your playlist for sure!

‘From The Ground Up’

Who brings tissues to a concert? We do! ‘From the ground up’ brings tears to our eyes every single time. We can’t imagine a setlist without this adorable love ballad. 

‘All to Myself’

Although the song starts slow, it builds rather quickly and brings us into a catchy chorus. This is song is definitely one we want all to ourselves.

’19 You + Me’

We may not all have long blonde hair or access to the beach all the time, but we genuinely need a love like this. Summer of ’19 was one for the books, and we can’t wait to see Dan+Shay take the stage in the summer of ’20.

‘Nothin’ Like You’

There truly happens nothing like a Dan+Shay concert. Off of their first album, this deserves to place on the setlist. It’s a unique upbeat song and is more than capable of pulling people to their feet. What more can you ask for?

‘10,000 Hours’

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Country music and Justin Bieber? What more could you want? We don’t expect Justin to show up to every tour since he has his own coming up, but maybe if their paths cross! For that reason alone, it needs to be on the setlist!

There you have it, our ultimate Dan+Shay setlist. If you’re interested in seeing them on tour, you can get your tickets here.

The Tour has since been postponed in order to keep everyone safe during the Global Pandemic of Covid-19. However, Dan+Shay have a plan in place to get the rodeo back on the road! Shows have been pushed back to a later, so make sure to keep an eye out to see when your new show dates are!

Image Source: Dan+Shay Instagram

We want to know what you think of our list! Does it meet your standards? What song would you also add to the setlist if you could? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Dan+Shay:

Need a bigger fix of your faves? We gotchu fam!

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