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Ready or Not, Little Monsters Here Are 5 Reasons To Stan Lady Gaga

Ready or Not, Little Monsters Here Are 5 Reasons To Stan Lady Gaga

The Queen of Odd. Older generations judge her, younger generations love her and there’s also everyone in between. For anyone who’s been called a geek, freak, or monster and begrudgingly found yourself accepting the coarse teasing as a compliment Lady Gaga gave us pride acceptance in who we are. A belonging brought to us by Mother Monster herself. Here are 5 reasons you should stan Lady Gaga.

The Outfits


Most notably known for her strange looks Lady Gaga commands a room. Standing at 5′ 1″ she may not be a hulking basketball player but she sure has a personality to rival that height. Not just her music video wardrobe but her everyday ensemble is something to make note of. She has articles constantly dedicated to her iconic outfits. Due to the enormity of her influence, a professor at the University of South Carolina has offered a course titled “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame” since early 2011. Now if that isn’t a testament to your power, influence, and clothing we don’t know what is. An outfit can be half the battle when it comes to confidence and charisma.

The Music


We’ve all sang our hearts out to ‘Shallow’ and danced away to ‘Just Dance’. Lady Gaga’s songs and lyrics have impacted us in a variety of ways. There is a song for every mood, but there’s one thing that’s consistent in every song and that is power. Her genres bounce around pop, electronic, and dance. She has upwards of 11 Grammy nominations in her career. Her focus in her music is on liberating herself and redefining which we can all find solace in. These are just a few of the things that make Lady Gaga’s music incredibly defining and enchanting.



She is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s singing, writing, performing, or acting she gives her all each and every time. In the beginning, she was a struggling fine art student in NY and even when she started gaining the attention it was slow going at first. Now she’s a woman many aspire to be like or look up to.

Singing isn’t her only forte. Gaga appeared on two seasons of American Horror Story. Beyond being her usual dark beauty self in Hotel she took it a step further appearing as the witch in Roanoke. She also co-starred in the movie A Star Is Born.

Born This Way Foundation

Named after her iconic song and album Born This Way Lady Gaga pushes for those without a voice. Those who are different and outcast. Her organization promotes kindness as the twitter bio says “established a foundation committed to empowering youth to create a kinder, braver world.”. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation has even put together a book focusing on young people who have struggled and prevailed through bullying. Breaking the health stigma and embracing differences through unconventional means Lady Gaga is a strong advocate. Whether it’s LGBTQ+ rights or this foundation she embraces us like a true mother.

Not only that but she is very outspoken in the arts and very into the performing arts. As an ex-art school kid, she’s an academic at heart. She spent time with Marina Abramovic and participated with her in the Artist Against Fracking movement by Yoko Ono. The environment, arts, and human rights are all on her agenda.

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Her Little Monsters


Last but not least how could we forget about you. The you that felt discouraged, left out, and huddled together. Lady Gaga stands as a mainstream testament to being your bold and beautiful self. You were born this way baby.

That is our top 5 reasons to stan the Queen, and we hope you agree! Tickets for her tour go on sale on March 13, and you can purchase them here! Want more Lady Gaga, click here.

Did we miss something? Tell us why you are a Little Monster for life. Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop 


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