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Amber Mark Has Been More Than ‘Generous’ In Her New Video

Amber Mark Has Been More Than ‘Generous’ In Her New Video

Amber Mark stuns the world in her new music video for ‘Generous.’ We didn’t know we needed such a dynamic concept, but we got it, and we are living for it. Think vintage Hollywood plus modern hip-hip, and that’s the vibe Amber portrays in the video.

Amber Mark
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In the video for ‘Generous,’ Amber takes us back to classic 1950’s Hollywood era with Burlesque inspired visuals and smooth vocals to tie it all up in a pretty little bow. The song is catchy and poetic, and it feels us up with so much emotion we can’t even deal with. Check it out below, and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Yas girl, slay! We wanted to honor this iconic video, by sharing with you 4 other iconic Amber Mark videos where she was killing it! So, straighten that crown, and let’s get to it!

‘Love Me Right’

What a beauty she is, and this video just has some exceptional visuals that we just can’t seem to get over. Keep on bringing your A-game, Amber!


She is so fierce in the video for this funky track, and we are beyond here for it. Strut your stuff, girl, yes!

‘What If’

Amber is a natural beauty and a raw talent, she gets to showcase her talent with this retro-sounding anthem. We live to be serenaded by her for the rest of our lives.

‘Monsoon’ feat. Mia Mark

The passion and raw emotion we feel in this song cannot even be described in words. She is insanely talented, and this song and video will likely be the reason we run out of tissues.

There you have it, Honey Poppers, 5 of Amber Mark’s most iconic videos (including her newest one of course,) and we hope you are vibing along with her as much as we are.

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Featured Image Source: as posted by Amber Mark via Twitter

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