Don’t Waste Your Life, Check Out Belmont’s Music Video ‘Hideout’ NOW

Don’t Waste Your Life, Check Out Belmont’s Music Video ‘Hideout’ NOW

You’ve heard us run our mouths about how damn delightful Chicago-progressive-punks’ Belmont are. Well, we’re here to do it again. 

Last time we did this, we talked about Belmont’s new EP Reflections and how it is destined to be a perfectly versatile masterpiece that embodies everything that is this band. We’ve heard singles ‘By My Side,’ ‘Stay Up,’ and most recently ‘Deadweight,’ all of which left us floored. Now, we’ve got an exclusive premiere of the music video for ‘Hideout’ via AltPress.

Straight vibing, ‘Hideout’ dives into territory unknown to the band previously. Holding no qualms, they let all the music that influences them come together as one. It-freaking-sells. A faultless summarization of what to expect of the new EP, and the message it’s sending. Noted to satisfy our hunger for what’s expected of Belmont in the future. (Hellllllo, second album!). A (scream) sing-along ambiance this one is love at first listen. Ending with a sweet lil break down is the cherry on top of the punk-rock Sunday. It only makes sense the video it’s self just the same, a vibe that just feels right. Shot by Miguel Barbosa of Yeah Films in Toronto, it’s evident the boys had a total blast with this one. 

Belmont’s EP Reflections Out Tomorrow!

The best news of all? THE EP DROPS TOMORROW. That’s right, TOMORROW. REFLECTIONS. BELMONT. PURE NOISE RECORDS. (Hey, we’re excited too.) Be sure to tune back in to hear us run our thoughts on that. 

Belmont Reflections EP
Photo Source: Belmont’s Reflections EP Album Art

If you can’t get enough, get hype, as these badasses are currently touring with Tiny Moving Parts, Capstan, and Jetty Bones. 

To learn more about Belmont

What song are YOU most excited to hear of this EP tomorrow?! Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @thehoneypop!

Featured Image: Belmont Official Facebook

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