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‘Breakable’ EDM’s Neapolitan Ice Cream Coma

‘Breakable’ EDM’s Neapolitan Ice Cream Coma

Kayzo's newest single 'Rules Of The Game' is out now!

The DJ and producer that’s got his hands in all the cookie jars are back with partner in crime of the EDM world. Fast on the rise Kayzo is making a name for himself and collabing with yet another artist. Kayzo and graves release their new single with a sweet feature from Jumex. Now let’s just jump into this one.


With that spooky n’ sick front cover this song is a classic reborn. EDM driven by Kayzo and graves with Jumex adding that much-appreciated spice. With these artists on deck, you know this will be a jam-packed juicy piece to sink your teeth into. The beautiful thing about EDM music is that it tends to hide some pretty dope lyrics. If you listen close or have your ear already trained to the beat you can hear the sweat heart of EDM beat.

Since we’re talking lyrics let’s break down what Jumex is spitting, he’s our boy on these vocals while Kayzo and graves break it down in the background. The song is called ‘Breakable’ which is pretty self-explanatory. Looking at the lyrics makes your heart bleed as the vulnerability oozes.

"Left me blind when you took my life
Broke my heart two times, you can't break it"

You’ll need a pint of that good stuff after this one. You know? Ice cream is the cure to all of the heart’s hurts. This song is one for the books. While you angry cry blast this. We promise you’ll feel better.

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