Here Are Our Sweet Releases For Thursdays Sweet Treats

Here Are Our Sweet Releases For Thursdays Sweet Treats

Welcome to your daily indulgence of all the latest sweet releases playlist must-haves, hand-picked, and ready to enjoy!

Our new daily Sweet Releases are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-cancelling headphones. These sweet releases are coming at you hard and fast, and you don’t need any distractions.

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MOONZz — Modern Ritual

MOONZz has released her new EP Modern Ritual, and when we say we are living and breathing this EP for the rest of our days, we mean it! She has delivered unto us a masterpiece full of emotion and raw talent. Each song has its original sound and showcases some powerful anthems. MOONZz has a way of creating an image of what she’s singing about with every note hit, and every lyric sang, a way to make you tap into every emotion all at once. She is a force to be reckoned with, and we have no doubt she is on the verge of world domination (or at least the music world.)

Elle Winter — Yeah

Elle Winter is here with her smooth vocals to steal your heart and your wig. Her debut EP Yeah, No is out, and we have never been more impressed with a piece of artwork as we are this EP. Not only can you sense the passion she feels while singing, but every song is catchy and full of a life of its own. Her sound is unique and polished, while her lyrics are poetic and brilliant. She knows what she wants, and she is coming in hot to take it.

The Wildfires Projekt — ‘Eyes Sewn Shut’

This alternative pop masterpiece captivates you from the very beginning. The song is very ambitious and loud about the fact that mental health is a serious topic that needs covering. What better way than through music? Through the heavy rock guitars and drums, you can still hear and feel the empathy streaming through the words of the band. We can’t wait to see what other art will come off of From Which We Came which is set to be released on April 7th, 2020.

Evie Irie — ‘Over Him’

‘Over Him’ lets us explore the ropes of self-love. If you aren’t sure how to get there, Evie Irie is here to help you along the way in her new music video! The song is the perfect mixture of pop and alternative sounds. Surrounded by friends and the people she has a good time with, Evie shows us just how she lives her best life. So make like Evie and live it up!

Christian Sparacio — ‘Cold’

‘Cold’ has a beautiful jazzy rap feel to it. Christian’s voice captivates and lulls us into a trance. Percussion and saxophone take the cake and make sure all of us get a piece. We can’t help but hit the repeat button on this one. The song may be called ‘Cold,’ but it surely makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Empara Mi — Shout’

Empara Mi has one of the unique voices we have ever heard, and that soulful smoothness layered over the stunning, sensual visuals has sent us into a new realm of unbelievable. The song is powerful and poetic as Empara Mi sings about finding solace in heartbreak. The music videos’ visuals are poignant and exhilarating all at the same time. The choreography throughout the video enhances your watching experience as it allows you to feel the emotion with even more senses than just hearing the song. That’s an ambitious and satisfying concept to take on, and we expect big things in Empara’s future.

Brass Against — ‘Umbra’

This band is hella amazing! The brass instruments tied in with substantial metal aspects give Brass Against a whole new sound we have never heard anywhere else. Their latest single, ‘Umbra’, is about just being in the now and learning to breathe. It comes from their upcoming debut EP Brass Against, which is set to release April 10th. We are looking forward to hearing more of their unique and powerful sound in the coming weeks!

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs — ‘Rubbernecker’

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs release their claymation music video for their newest song ‘Rubbernecker.’ It’s an intense video that gives you a sense of claustrophobia. The video shows the clay made band members trapped in limbo by a clown forced to perform for a circus. Grab your attention enough? It’s just one of those videos that you have to see to believe!

Terrell Hines — ‘Feel Good’

Terrell Hines has brought the world of alternative pop, hip-hop, post-punk, and southern funk music all to the same ball field. The music video is simple, using contrasting colors in the background. This keeps our focus on Terrell and not a big fancy moving environment, and quite frankly, we love what he has to say.

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How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Releases? Just call us the Candy Man.

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep, Words: Emily Defoor, Danielle King, and Kat Voss, Gabbi Van Valkenburg

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