Veronica Frey Lifted NY Fans To A Higher Place

Veronica Frey Lifted NY Fans To A Higher Place

About Veronica

Veronica Frey may be new to the NYC music scene, but she is here to stay! After growing up in a family of musicians, Veronica has been making music and dancing from a young age. She is a former finalist in the “Teen Hoot” competition, and has performed with the Holiday House Band on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Z100. While Veronica has released many covers, she has two original songs that are available on streaming services. She was also recently seen on Seventeen’s “Bestie Picks Bae”.

The Show

Veronica took the stage with guitarist, Eric Drylewicz. Eric currently performs with bands Hideaway and The Have Some Hotel. The dynamic duo played an amazingly engaging set that had the whole audience on their feet and dancing! They played a few of Veronica’s original tracks, including ‘Please Don’t.’ They also played some great covers, including ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello.

Veronica is currently studying the effects music can have as art therapy. Her music revolves around the idea that music can help heal the soul of the deepest wounds, while also helping the listener elevate to a higher place. She hopes to use her artistic expression to bring awareness to social issues such as bullying and mental health. Veronica believes that “Where words fail, music speaks.” – and her performance is proof! Veronica got up on stage, and held nothing back. The entire venue was lifted to a higher place after her and Eric completed their set.

Veronica is due to release her first EP soon. Be sure to follow her for more incredible releases.

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This concert was a Sound the Groove Production

Featured image and gallery source: Rachel Scott for The Honey POP

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