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Weekly Punk With A Pop — New Bops You Do NOT Want To Miss Out On!

Weekly Punk With A Pop — New Bops You Do NOT Want To Miss Out On!

Yasss we’re back at it again, and we have some true treats in store for you this week. With so many great names and insanely good tracks from the world of punk, rock and alternative, that we decided we would let you get the scoop a little earlier!


Glacier Veins

Glacier Veins released the album The World You Want To See on February 28th, and while it may have been out a little while now, it would be criminal of us to not include it in this week’s column. This collection of songs tells stories of lessons learned that the band has decided to share with us. The recently released single ‘Driveway’ is incredibly catchy and a track we always return to. 

Speaking about the album singer and guitarist Malia Endres says, “This has been a gradual thing over the last three years, but I’ve been a lot more tuned into my own thoughts. If I ever feel my thoughts becoming too negative or pessimistic, I try and turn it around and see something good out of it.”

Other songs that are highlights for us include, ‘Everything Glows’ and ‘Set My Mind.’

Brian Mietz

New Jersey’s music scene is ever-flourishing, fitting perfectly with the new name Brian Mietz. Although that name might not be so unfamiliar after all. Considering he has provided album art for bands such as By Surprise, Sleep In, Spiga, and The Only Ghost In Sound. Or maybe he’s familiar to you from tour posters from big names like The Early November. Regardless, it’s a name you need to get to know. Brian takes his downtime to work on music, and for that, we are thankful. Releasing album ‘Panzarotti,’ Mietz delivers a beautiful composition of jangly guitars, eclectic keyboards, and lyrics that are hellishly true but make you smile all in the same. We think you should check out the whole release, but start with our personal favorite ‘Hollyweed.’

Motive Black

‘Broken’ simply slaps and encompasses everything we love about rock as a genre. The insanely exquisite instrumental when paired with the emotive vocals of Elana Justin make this one of our fave songs of the year so far! The song tells of pain and discovery when trying to find your place in the world.

Speaking about the song Elana says, “I had just moved to LA after a rough few years in New York. I had built up emotional armor, to protect myself. I was proud of being cold and comfortable with feeling numb. Then I met someone new and everything changed… I feared I was becoming weak again, and it made me angry and combative. I fought against it, but eventually, the positive new feelings became addicting because I felt like I was waking up and being my confident self again.”

She continues: “I didn’t want to be exposed, I felt like I was going crazy… I wanted this to work so much, but I was also petrified of having it. It was conflicting – terrible and amazing at the same time. Ultimately “Broken” is about the fight I had internally that allowed me to break down the walls I’d built up around my heart for protection. By being willing to take a chance and open myself up again, I came back to being myself.”


The White Knuckle Ride LP from Wank is finally here, and we’re thriving. This collection of songs hosts some hot collabs including features from George Hughes Jr. (ZIGGY MARLEY), Chris Shiflett (FOO FIGHTERS), Steve Soto (ADOLESCENTS), as well as a songwriting collaboration with Jeremy and Ajay Popoff (LIT). 

With tracks like ‘Remington,’ ‘Blue Skies,’ and ‘Sweet Music’ we cannot get enough of this project. Wank has seriously delivered, and to not listen is to know what it’s like to seriously miss out!

Hot Mulligan

You’ll be fine, we promise. If you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll believe Hot Mulligan and their new album You’ll Be Fine. This is the 3rd album from the group, and we’re absolutely in love. The album is a healthy mix of heavier, angsty sounding tracks along with some more mellow, melancholy ones. Every track has a distinct pop-punk sound that is what we feel makes Hot Mulligan so great. It’s the type of album that makes you want to drive around, vibing with the windows down and reflecting on life. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!


On March 6th Phantogram released the album Ceremony. An album that is an eclectic mix of alternative bops. ‘Pedestal’ with its unusual but delightful beats is a blissful listen, especially when paired with the sultry vocals of Sarah Barthel. 

When talking about the process and journey to this album Barthel says, “When ‘Three’ was finished, I thought the weight of sadness and anger would release after finishing recording. Boy, I was wrong. Performing those songs every night was like reliving the feelings over and over again. After that tour, I was completely drained and spent. After 10 years of being in this band and pouring my heart into everything that is Phantogram, I felt like I didn’t have anything else. I think life was put on hold for a long time for Phantogram. Going through the loss of my sister from suicide was the icing on the cake.”

She continues, “After ‘Three,’ it was a time to reflect in a way we never had before. Life after losing someone from suicide is very confusing. Performing those songs every night kept us stuck in that one moment. It didn’t allow us to move forward and grow as people. When the tour was over, we had to step outside of the Phantogram bubble and face real life. It almost felt like we were in survival mode. ‘Ceremony’ was inspired by self-care and seeing how common of a struggle everyday life had become.”

Highlights for us include, ‘Dear God,’ ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Let Me Down’

Magic Giant

If you have not heard ‘Disaster Party’ by Magic Giants yet, then where have you been? This track is SO good, and you may have recently seen it performed on Good Morning America. The whole vibe of this song is upbeat, refreshing, and makes you want to let go of all your worries and just have fun!

As band member Zambricki explains, “Any time when shit is hitting the fan, instead of having a pity party, throw a disaster party.” We could not have said it any better ourselves!

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New Lingo

‘Memory Lane’ from New Lingo is a song about facing past trauma and trying to overcome hurdles alone. The track takes this internal struggle some of us can face and powerfully articulates it infectiously while still being relatable.

We can all feel like we can’t escape our demons at times, but New Lingo let us know despite trying to deal with such things in a solitary way, you don’t have to do so alone unless you decide too.

Between Kings

We all need an antidote sometimes and with this track Between Kings provide that. ‘Antidote’ is a personal take on mental health and comes to life when paired with the story of the music video.

Speaking about the video the band says, “When it came to the music video for ‘Antidote,’ we had an idea to tell the story of a girl who was struggling with mental health issues and needed her own antidote,” shares the band. “We wanted to be subtle with the term antidote as each person has their own method of dealing with things, so we used a boy as the thing that makes her feel like everything is okay. We got to work with a team of great, talented people, who all did an amazing job of bringing our vision to life. We’re extremely proud of the song and the music video and hope you all enjoy it too!”

This pop-rock track has all the makings of becoming an anthem and deservingly so.


That is it for this week’s list, but let us know if we have missed out on one of your highlights drop us a comment below, or send us a tweet to @TheHoneyPop we always LOVE to hear from you!

Want to discover some more alternative bops? We gotchu!

Featured Image: Bilge Zeynep Words: Dani King, Dakota Ash, Aman Shamim & Jodie Rose-Loren

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