TXT Dropped A Heartfelt Cover for White Day and We’re Not Okay!

TXT Dropped A Heartfelt Cover for White Day and We’re Not Okay!

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) released a surprise cover on YouTube at midnight KST! The boy group performed a beautiful rendition of Shawn Mendes’s ‘In My Blood’.

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White Day, a holiday similar to Valentine’s Day (Red Day, in this case), is when men respond to the gifts women gave them on Red Day. Don’t worry singles, Black Day on April 14th exists for you to get discounted 짜장면, a Korean-Chinese dish of black bean sauce, meat (usually pork but there are vegan options), and sauteed veggies. Before the cover’s release, member Kang Taehyun mysteriously asked MOAs to not go to bed until after midnight, alongside another of his food pics.

MOAs were in for a treat sweeter than the strawberry cherry bingsu, shaved ice dessert, he posted. Hueningkai is a known Shawn Mendes fan and has recommended his music before. MOAs were over the moon to hear his strong vocals in the opening and first chorus. They all did such a wonderful job making the track their own, with the help of beloved Big Hit producer ADORA. Some MOAs even took to the heart the meaning of the song in comparison to TXT’s journey.

Of course, no event is a meme left unturned.

Image Source: TXT via Twitter

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Featured image source: TXT via Twitter

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