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5 Reasons Why You Need to See Lewis Capaldi in Concert

5 Reasons Why You Need to See Lewis Capaldi in Concert

Following a phenomenal 2019 with the rise to international superstardom, Lewis Capaldi is on track to make this year another pretty darn good one. The chart-topping singer-songwriter is amidst a world tour, where he will also join Niall Horan on the North American leg of the Nice To Meet Ya Tour.

Lewis Capaldi
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We were lucky enough to attend his Cardiff Show at the Motorpoint Arena on March 10th and we’re still not over it. As we soothe our throats from singing so loudly and replay the night in our heads, we thought we would give you five reasons why you need to see Lewis live in concert – and trust us, it’s absolutely worth it.

The atmosphere is amazing.

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With a lot of pop artists these days, you can often expect a certain type of crowd – for example, an Ariana Grande crowd is quite different from a crowd for The 1975. But when it comes to Lewis Capaldi, the crowd is so diverse. From teens who watch every single one of his Instagram stories to people in their 50’s and 60’s that heard him on the radio, the audience is rather varied, and yet when everyone comes together at the venue, it’s magical. Thousands of people of different generations share a bond over their love of the Scottish superstar, and it’s just beautiful.

You’re paying for both a musician and comedian.

Anyone who knows Lewis knows just how funny he is. His goofy sense of humor can have you in stitches and at his concert, there’s no exception. Whether it’s sporting a bra thrown on stage, making jokes about himself or playfully mocking the crowd, Lewis Capaldi is an all-round entertainer who will at the very least get a giggle if not a knee slap out of you! And it all kicks off before he even graces the stage, with the intro video full of self-made memes

Dealing with anxiety? There’s support there for you!

Lewis Capaldi
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What’s really special about a Lewis Capaldi concert is that he knows a lot of people these days are dealing with struggles such as anxiety. That’s why he’s partnered with LiveLive, an innovative project which makes going to concerts more accessible for those dealing with mental health struggles.

Help points are set up at each venue which will be manned by a team that is trained to help those dealing with panic or anxiety. A quiet ‘escape room’ is also accessible for those who feel overwhelmed. You can even contact the project beforehand to discuss any worries you may have. We stan a king who cares!

You’ll be sure to leave with a smile, even though the music is emotional.

We’re well aware of the fact the songs on Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent are full of emotions from heartbreak but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a sob fest at a Lewis Capaldi show. Between the moments of emotional connection to the moving melodies and husky vocals, Lewis is sure to keep the spirits alive with his dashingly cheeky personality and casual conversations with the crowd.

You could also leave the show a fan of some new artists.

Lewis Capaldi Donna Missal
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Of course, we are all there to see our boy Lewis as the main act, but while waiting for the man of the moment, you’re getting to witness some pretty amazing support acts in the shape of artists that Capaldi himself is even a fan of. For the UK leg of the tour, we have been blessed with the likes of the energetic Donna Missal and the angelic Alec Benjamin, who both had the crowd’s attention in the palms of their hands.

Audiences in the states will have the pleasure of witnessing Fletcher open the show who will be sure to have you buzzing with energy. It was only a short moment ago that Lewis himself was the opening act, so you could be finding someone you love (heh) as much as him and helping give their career a boost from their early beginnings.

So, have we convinced you? Go on, go buy those tickets – we know you want to!

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Lewis Capaldi
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Have you seen Lewis Capaldi in concert? Are you aiming to catch him on an upcoming tour date? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more Lewis? We gotchu!

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