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Yungblud Has Announced A Livestream Concert Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic – Here’s How You Can Still Have A Pretty Great Time!

Yungblud Has Announced A Livestream Concert Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic – Here’s How You Can Still Have A Pretty Great Time!

The world is under quite a lot of stress and panic right now as Covid-19 takes over life as we know it. But amid the continuous cancellations and country lockdowns, our boy Yungblud has decided that the show must go on.

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In the wake of widespread cancellations, Dom has decided to find the light and create positivity as he announces his concert livestream Shit’s weird Keep Calm and Carry On which is set to take place on Monday 2PM GMT.

While we know that a livestream doesn’t quite have the atmosphere that seeing Yungblud in the flesh has, we’ve come up with some ideas on how to make the virtual concert an interactive experience to create memories around the Black Hearts fandom.

Put on your Yungblud merch and take a selfie.

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We all love a good concert OOTD selfie so dig out your merch (or improvise if you don’t any – markers and a plain t-shirt anyone?) and take a selfie! Show the world you’re still having a blast even if you’re self-isolated.

Watch with friends.

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Ever wanted to attend a concert with your friends living on the other side of the world? Now you can! Invite everyone onto the group Facetime or video call from WhatsApp and set it aside next to your screen – now you can enjoy the concert together!

Dinner and a show, anyone?

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Several food delivery companies have taken on the “contactless” deliveries, meaning you can still order food to be delivered but the driver will place the order outside and notify you to collect it. Order your favorite food and tuck in while letting Dom serenade you through the screen.

Create a Discord group.

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Want a true concert feeling with big crowds? Why not set up a Discord for fans wanting to watch the virtual concert so you can all join in together? Discord servers are free to set up and plus you can turn it into a longterm thing for all Black Hearts to connect through! You could even add in bots to play games like Trivia while you wait and even find new mutuals like when you make friends at concerts!

Share old concert photos.

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One of the thrills of a concert is sharing your favorite concert photos and videos from the night. Well, why not share yours from before? The perfect time to reminisce on a really good time. Not seen Yungblud live before? No worries – take some screenshots of the livestream and share those! It’s all in the name of fun, right?

It may be a hard time on us all right now, but who says we can’t have fun while staying safe? Let’s rock’n’roll with care!

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Yungblud’s livestream takes place on Monday March 15th at 2PM GMT and you can watch it right here

Will you be tuning into Yungblud’s show? How will you be making the virtual concert more exciting? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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