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'Sike' Mahogany LOX's New Single is Lit

'Sike' Mahogany LOX's New Single is Lit

Put on your earphones and get ready to hear lyrical madness. Singer, actress, DJ, and Deal or no Deal model Mahogany LOX has blessed us with her new single ‘Sike.’ The new tune is a follow up to her smash hit “Take Your Man,” which has over 14 million Spotify streams.

Showing she’s more than just a pretty face, the curly-haired beauty said.

“SIKE” is a confidence anthem. It’s supposed to show that it’s okay for you to cry and feel emotions. but at the end of the day… just know that you’re amazing and some people only want to bring you down because they want to be like you. “

The song starts off with just LOX’s vocals on top of the sound of a girl crying before going into the infectious beat that will be stuck in your head for days. Her meaning of the song is evident in the lyrics, “you know you like me/ trynna be just like me” Mahogany LOX didn’t come to play and she is surely showing how confident she is no matter what anyone thinks.

No Stranger To Social Media

Making her way to social media in 2013 she has quite the following. Thanks to her devoted fan-base, which she calls LOXSmiths, she has over 6.3 million TikTok followers and over 1 million on Instagram and Twitter.

After making history becoming the first creator to have her song listed in TikTok’s trending music section, she spoke at their #MakeBlackHistory creators summit. In addition to that, Mahogany starred in Mastercard’s Tap&Go television campaign, and an NYX Professional Makeup ad.

Talk about staying busy and making money!!!


Music Is In Her Blood

LOX comes from a musical background. Born Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy, she’s the granddaughter of Motown founder Barry Gordy and younger sister of LMFAO’s Sky Blu. Redfoo also from LMFAO is her uncle. ‘Sike’ is Mahogany’s sixth original single and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Featured Image: Anna Maria Lopez

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