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Not So Surprising News: Wonho Is Cleared Of Drug Charges.

Not So Surprising News: Wonho Is Cleared Of Drug Charges.

After months of constant suffering and fights, both Monbebe and Wonho see justice come to light. The Monsta X member is cleared of charges of drug usage last year, in a not so surprising turn out of events.

Source: Starship Entertainment

March 14th, marks the day Monbebe received the news that their dear idol is finally declared innocent. Seoul Metropolitan Policy Agency released the results of the investigation during the day. Later on Starship Entertainment made a statement of their own in regarding the subject. The fandom has been going through a non-stop battle in defense of Wonho since the beginning, with #FightForWonho. But we can’t even be close to imagine how much Wonho himself has been going through. After being wrongly accused – for one’s benefit or another reason that we may never know – Wonho stepped away from the spotlight and his activities as a Monsta X member. The Entertainment Agency now declares that they purposefully reduced the artist’s exposure to the media and were in charge of his defense.  

“During the long investigation, we tried our best to minimize media exposure to Wonho and to appoint an attorney to ensure that there are no charges against him. We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future. Thank you.”

Starship Entertainment

The revelation comes with statements that Starship Entertainment is still in contact with Wonho. Also, the company declares that they will support the artist in his career. This tendency is very uncommon for agencies. As we all know, the K-Pop industry is ruthless when it comes to drug usage accusations. The agency also revealed that Wonho was cooperative with the investigation, which was concluded on March 10th.

Support To Wonho

Even though a lot of questions remain unanswered, fans around the world have been celebrating the news. Monbebe took this chance to show their love for Wonho once again.

Source: Starship Entertainment

Throughout Wonho’s career Monbebe already knew of the artist’s troubled past. It’s not news that the artist had a rough past. But it was also commonly known to Monbebe that Wonho has been making up for any of his mistakes. Ever since his trainee years, he worked very hard and diligently to build his career and have a respectful life. For this reason, Monbebe ever abandoned hope and fought for him daily. Furthermore, everything comes together when we can see that finally Starship Entertainment itself did not abandoned Wonho and believed in his innocence as well. This is why the news are not so surprising. But they definitely are amazing ones.

The future is now uncertain. But we are sure of one thing: whatever Wonho’s decision is from now, we will always support him.

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  • I never lost my faith in Wonho, so to see that the investigation turned up nothing was no surprise. But what a relief to see it confirmed in the news for everyone to see!

  • So proud of Wonho and so happy he has been vindicated. He’s a courageous, caring human being and he belongs in Monsta X with Monbebe.

  • Fans knew cuz he said for years that he had a rough childhood and that he’s trying his best to be a better person. I can’t help feeling sad about all he had and has to go through.

    He constantly apologized even for things that were out of his control and would often take the blame saying it’s all because of him lacking discipline or that he hasn’t worked enough.

    Everyone who has been following the group and their activities, or those who worked with them, could see how caring, humble and hard working ALL the members of Monsta X are.

    Wonho has CONSTANTLY proven to be kind, hard working, caring and an over all good person.

    There was no doubt in my mind that he will be cleared. I just hope he continues to share his talents and the results of his hard work with the world so we can continue to appreciate & enjoy it ♪♥♪

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