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It’s Almost Spring And You Know What That Means

It’s Almost Spring And You Know What That Means

‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ to us! X Ambassadors have a new song just in time for spring. It is the perfect song if you’re feeling head over heels for another human being… and then suddenly they disappeared. We are here for the jazzy saxophone and bittersweet lyrics. It’s not often we hear such uniquely wonderful flair. Don’t go too far cause we’re bringing you a break down right here, right now.

‘Everything Sounds Like a Love Song’

‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ X Ambassadors

Just listen to that voice, it’s like we’re on cloud 9 with our boys dressed to the nines. Well if cloud 9 were a rain cloud, everything is a bitter shade of blue just like you. The outfits are suits, like someone would wear to a prom, a wedding, or even a funeral. While the color isn’t black in mourning the baby blue still feels bittersweet.

Every little thing reminds us of the newfound emptiness.

"A broken promise, bank deposits, empty closets 
All you left behind 
Polaroids and moving boxes, empty pockets 
No where left to hide"

‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ is a song about missing the love of your life,” says X Ambassadors lead singer Sam Nelson Harris. “When everything you see, hear, and smell reminds you of them, and how painful it can be witnessing beauty when your heart is broken.”

This can be a hard time for some. Spring is the season of love and new beginnings. Losing your new beginning and forever can be devastating, X Ambassador does a fantastic job of making such a painful emotion light and touching. In this spring of heartache, remember that there is an opportunity for new beginnings every day.

Just take things one day at a time.

"Drying tears and future fears and all the years 
Rolling into none 
Everything I hear is so insincere 
And it’s all because"

How would you best enjoy this song? Do you think it’s the perfect track for a bitter love story? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us  @thehoneypop!

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