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It’s Not Too Late To Catch Up On The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan!

It’s Not Too Late To Catch Up On The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan!

It’s never too late to talk about everyone’s favorite Irish popstar! This week graced us with not one, but one week’s worth of The Late Late Show With Niall Horan! That’s right! Niall joined James for an entire week’s worth of fun filled episodes leading up to the release of his new album Heartbreak Weather, which dropped March 13th. Lucky for you, The Honey Pop has a recap of some of the best moments! So grab some popcorn kids and settle in because here’s everything you missed on The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan!

The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan for a whole week? What could be better than that!
Image Source: Terence Patrick/CBS

So let’s start from the beginning shall we? It’s day 1 of Niall Horan fun!

Now, we can only imagine what it must be like to appear on a talk show as a celebrity. From being interviewed by the host, chatting with other guests, and participating in comedy sketches, it’s safe to assume that it’s one hell of a time.

Therefore we have to assume that appearing on a talk show for an entire week is loads of fun too! We know we’d be excited. Who wouldn’t be? And a whole week of the Late Late Show featuring Niall? Yeah, double the excitement on that one for sure! Of course, Niall was definitely excited too! So excited, in fact, that he made a…surprise visit to James’ house early Monday morning in this clip from the episode!

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, how many of you would react like this if you woke up to Niall Horan sitting at your bedside while you slept? Are we talking creepy? Amazing? Best thing that will probably never happen? Whatever the case, James Corden got to experience it!

Honestly, if we were Niall, we’d be excited too! A whole week about him and full of music, talking about his career, and reminiscing on old times with old friends (and we don’t just mean James Corden), what else could he want??

He also took to the Late Late Show stage to perform his hit single ‘Nice To Meet Ya,’ the first of many performances he would be blessing us with throughout the week.

The performance was upbeat and lively and has us even more hyped for Niall’s Nice To Meet Ya Tour! It was like a glimpse of what his shows might look like and we’re ready to dance and sing our hearts out!

That’s it for day 1, but fret not because now we’re on to day 2!

Day 2 of the Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan was certainly a jam-packed one! Before getting into some of the shenanigans that James had planned for the two of them, Niall took some time to talk about the upcoming Heartbreak Weather album and tour.

When asked about the album, Niall said that the concept of the album was that it was a breakup album, but that it is the storyline of a breakup. He said “This time I was trying to write from different angles, from the other person’s angle, from people looking in potentially, that kind of thing.” It’s an interesting and refreshing take to see from an artist and it absolutely leaves us more in awe of Niall’s talent as a songwriter and an artist than we were before!

Niall also talked about Lewis Capaldi joining him on tour, calling it the “perfect scenario” and honestly we were screaming as loud as the crowd! The dynamic duo has quickly become a fan favorite overnight. We’re counting on seeing lots of new content with the two of them while they’re on tour together! Hopefully we get a collab soon too! James and Niall also joked about the possible trouble that could come from the two pals touring together. Niall reassured everyone that he and Lewis talked about how to tone it down so they could “survive” on stage every night.

(Kinda makes you wonder what partying with them is like huh?)

Naturally, you can’t have a former One Direction member on the show without talking about One Direction. Of course, James had to bring up that it’s been nearly a decade since the boys’ debut on The X-Factor. Yeah you heard us, a decade, we’ll just be over here in the corner if you need us. And of course he had to show a clip of their first performance. It had Niall cringing adorably into his seat on the couch. We can’t really relate of course, we didn’t spend our teen years in a popular boy band. We assume it’s probably equal to the feeling you get when you see old pictures of yourself from middle school. Not the best feeling, really.

His immediate reaction, after the face palming that is, was to say “what a glow up.” A glow up it may have been, but let’s face it, we loved Niall then and we love him now too! Let’s try not to get emotional about the fact that we got to “glow up” with him. *sniffs*

After spending some time revisiting the past and getting excited for the future, The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan moved on to something a bit more…spicy. Hot wings, that is! James and Niall starred in a funny sketch about eating chicken wings, where neither of them wanted to admit that “hot” wings would be too hot for them.

The wings keep getting hotter and hotter while James and Niall are clearly struggling. We know it’s not nice to laugh when people are in pain but seeing James dump a bucket of ice on his head while Niall sticks his face into a sundae as a reaction to hot wings is pretty funny. Side note: Devil’s Birthday Party Ghost Pepper wings? We might be down if it means joining James and Niall for lunch. Just saying.

Finally, we were blessed with another performance from Niall, this time of the song ‘Put a Little Love On Me.’

So. Much.Heart.Eyes.

And so went day 2. Luckily, we got a day 3!!

Niall’s third day on the show brought us some more chaotic behavior. As expected, of course.

Did somebody call for a superhero? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s…James Corden and Niall Horan singing ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by the Proclaimers! This hilarious sketch featured James and Niall rushing to the rescue in different high tension, high stakes situations by walking 500 miles (or more) and heroically saving the day. We know who we’ll be calling when we need help!

And of course, Niall came through with another performance for us. What could be better than a week’s worth of performances from your fave?

Unfortunately, after this there’s no more 🙁 but let’s move on to day 4!

After an entire week’s worth of superhero-ing, wing eating, and cringing at old videos, the week culminated with everyone’s favorite segment: Carpool Karaoke!

Now, it’s safe to say that Carpool Karaoke is a huge step for an artist. It’s not uncommon to see lots of tweets and hashtags asking X artist to be on Carpool Karaoke. And when an artist does make it to the segment, there’s no telling where the ride will go!

In Niall’s case, there was a lot going on

To start off the ride, James helped Niall face one of his fears: birds!

The Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan really helped him face his fears!
Image Source: Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke by The Late Late Show with James Corden

On the plus side, it looks like Niall isn’t afraid of birds anymore! On the negative side, the bird did poop on him so he probably doesn’t like them very much…moving on.

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James and Niall also took a lie detector test together. When James asked if Niall thought One Direction would get back together and he truthfully answered yes, our hearts melted a little bit. He also said that he likes Simon Cowell sometimes. Oops.

Image Source: Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke by The Late Late Show with James Corden

There was also a little bit of betrayal on both sides of the aisle. Niall said SNL is his favorite show to be on while James said he prefers ‘Sign of the Times’ to ‘Slow Hands.’ Yiikkkeeessss. James did redeem himself by saying Niall is his favorite 1D member though. *cue the awes*

Of course there was a lot of actual carpool karaoke-ing involved but you’ll have to watch that for yourself in the video. We simply can’t do those performances justice!

To end off the week and his residency on the show, Niall did one final performance!

That’s a wrap on the Late Late Show featuring Niall Horan! Sigh, we don’t want you to go Niall 🙁

And now you’re officially caught up with everything that happened on the show! What was your favorite moment? Do you think that lie detector test was accurate? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Can’t get enough of Niall? We feel you!

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