QUIZ: What Should You Be For Harryween?

QUIZ: What Should You Be For Harryween?

No one is doing it quite like Harry Styles. He’s a creative genius, putting together things no one could’ve ever imagined. He was the mastermind behind Eroda, a made-up country he created to promote his song ‘Adore You.’ And now, we’ve got the concept of Harryween. It’s a two nights only event to be held at Madison Square Garden on October 30 & 31st, it’s a “Fancy Dress Party” according to the poster! He leaves us with so many questions, and now we’re here already planning our costumes, can we help you pick yours?

We came up with a few ideas for costumes inspired by Harry himself. Some doable costumes, and maybe one you won’t expect. Actually, you might not expect any of these! That’s what makes this such a good quiz, we’ll help you find a costume you might not have had the idea for yet! Check out the quiz, and maybe buy a costume or two based on your answer!

Take the quiz below!

Which Song From Fine Line is your fave?

Fine Line album cover

Your fave out of these, it makes it easier if you only pick out of a few instead of the whole album at once.

Have you seen Harry in concert before?

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartradio

What's your fave holiday?

Harryween Poster

What's your favorite fruit?

Harry on the Late Late Show With James Corden

Because Harry loves to write about fruit, doesn't he?

Which is your favorite music video?

Screenshot from Sign Of The Times music video

Every music video is absolutely incredible, but you have to pick, you have to.

How much like Harry would you say you are?

Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone

What year did you become a fan of Harry?

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Last question, how excited are you for Harryween (even if you couldn't get tickets)?

What Should You Be For Harryween?
A Fish

Harry befriends a fish in the Adore You music video, and so it's the perfect costume idea to wear to Harryween! What kind of fish is completely up to you, though.
An Angel

Being an angel is a perfect costume idea, inspired by 'Only Angel.' Are you angelic enough to pull off being the 'only angel' in the audience?
Fruit Salad

You might be wondering, "why on Earth would I want to be fruit salad?!" BUT let us explain why it's the most clever idea. You could include some watermelon, cherries, and kiwi and have a costume inspired by 'Watermelon Sugar,' 'Cherry,' and 'Kiwi!' Also, why does Harry write about fruit so much? Maybe if he sees fruit salad in the audience, he'd write about you.
You & A Friend Could Be Two Ghosts

If you're planning on attending Harryween with a friend, we had the PERFECT costume idea for you. Hear us out, you could both be ghosts and literally be 'Two Ghosts!'
North or South Carolina

OKAY this one's a bit of a stretch. But Harry has a song called 'Carolina,' and there's the states North Carolina and South Carolina, it only makes sense to dress up as one of the states, right? Maybe you and a friend could be each Carolina. Plus it's fun to be random and unexpected sometimes! That's why we put it in the quiz.

Are you as excited as we are about Harryween that you’ve started making quizzes about it? Has this quiz inspired you for your Harryween costume? Let us know what you got by commenting below or by heading over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

To Learn More About Harry Styles:

Featured image source: Poster for Harryween

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