Thrice Played Vheissu In Full And It Ruled

Thrice Played Vheissu In Full And It Ruled

I’m going to start this off by saying Thrice is in my top 3 favorite bands to see perform live. Never have I been disappointed in their energy or live show charisma. They always bring it for every single show, therefore, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Let me tell you, I sure did enjoy myself. Here’s a look at the setlist. Bummed you missed it? Keep an eye on Thrice’s socials for future events.

Thrice playing in Pomona, CA


  1. Image of the Invisible
  2. Between the End and Where We Lie
  3. The Earth Will Shake
  4. Atlantic
  5. For Miles
  6. Hold Fast Hope
  7. Music Box
  8. Like Moths to Flame
  9. Of Dust and Nations
  10. Stand and Feel Your Worth
  11. Red Sky
  12. Flags of Dawn
  13. Weight of Glory
  14. Lullaby
  15. Circles
  16. Black Honey
  17. Firebreather
  18. Words in the Water

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Featured Image and Gallery: Samantha Bass for The Honey POP

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