Fresh Music Friday: Conan Gray, Lauren Jauregui, Adam Lambert, and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Conan Gray, Lauren Jauregui, Adam Lambert, and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

Kid Krow – Conan Gray

One we’ve been super excited for here at Fresh Music Friday! Coming right off with fun techno distorted vocals ‘Wish You Were Sober’ by Conan Gray is fun but tackles an obvious issue. There’s a lot of fun that can come of going out and getting drunk but at the end of the night sometimes it’s better to be sober. Stumbling and forgetting your own name, flings that could be more don’t end up going further. The lyric video is pretty creative showing a face, shoes, and various items pressed against a glass. We are blessed to get a whole 12 songs worth of this lovely voice. Kid Krow is out and here are our thoughts. These tunes are full of passion and life. There are some slow jams to get you by with a few breakdowns when the moments right. Get it now.

Listen to the album here

‘Lento’ – Lauren Jauregui featuring Tainy

New single ‘Lento’ by Lauren Jauregui is a heavy bass beat. The beat and timber of Lauren’s voice is addictive flowing like a river. We can’t help but want to dance and vibe to this song. The song is mostly in Spanish with some English mixed in there making for a deeper and more personal feel. There is no negativity here! Which we very much need right now, go lift your spirits with ‘Lento’.

Listen to the single here

Velvet – Adam Lambert

This is the moment everyone at Fresh Music Friday and Glamberts everywhere has been waiting for – Adam Lambert’s highly-anticipated album, Velvet has been unleashed amongst the masses, and we just can’t get enough of it! Adam’s powerhouse vocals mixed among the heavy guitar riffs and powerful drum beats, really set this album ablaze to another galaxy. The poetic lyrics Lambert sings throughout create intimate and passionate emotions for all listeners.

Along with the release of the album, Adam released the video for the title track and we are vibing with the retro feel the song has. The video portrays Lambert as “a playful tailor, in a buoyant 70s/80s world of gossip and fashion”, and was directed by Charlotte Rutherford. We love the aesthetic of the entire video from the colorful outfits Adam himself wears to the delightful different roles portrayed throughout, and overall we think it’s a banger! We can’t wait to hear this song and the entire album performed on Lambert’s European The Velvet Tour, later this year!

Listen to the album here

‘Getaway Green’ – All Time Low

‘Getaway Green’ by All Time Low brings on the nostalgia. The long wait for Rain is over. The panda has returned him and we have a brand new song. Painting a picture of a good time sippin’ cherry cola and staring at the postered walls. We’re reflecting on our youth. The music sounds like a summer song fresh and free. Drums are steady and the guitar is happy in tandem with the vocals. Go on a long drive with the windows down and put ‘Getaway Green’ on repeat.

Listen to the single here

‘Intentions (Acoustic)’ – Justin Bieber

Our only intention for the rest of the week is to keep ‘Intentions (Acoustic)’ on repeat. Our favorite Canadian pop star Mr Justin Bieber came through with a smooth and calming slow-jam version of his second single from his album Changes, and now we can easily appreciate his silky vocals in all their glory. Don’t mind us while we at Fresh Music Friday stream and sob about finding someone who will love us completely and selflessly.

Listen to the single here

Physical (Remix) – Dua Lipa ft Hwa Sa

We had no idea what to expect when Dua surprised us all with her announcement that Hwa Sa of Mamamoo would be featured on a remix of her single ‘Physical’, but we know now that it freaking slaps! There is honestly no one else in the world whose vocals would be more fitting for this song. The original was already captivating with its infectious beat and now with Hwa Sa’s seductive and powerful voice on the track, we are somehow even more addicted than before.

Listen to the single here

‘1501’ – Dinah Jane

We’ve been given a double dosing of Fifth Harmony in this week’s Fresh Music Firday! ‘1501’ by Dinah Jane is here to encourage you to explore your influence. Own what you have and know when you’re something good. The lyrics are confident and sensual. The beat plays right alongside the vocals like a playful partner while the lyrics tell a tale of a lover coming back for more. Put this track on and start realizing what ya’ worth.

Listen to the single here

Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris – Hayley Williams & Boy Genius

‘Rose/Lotus/Violet/Iris’ by Hayley Williams ft Boy Genius is out and here’s what you should know. The music is a soft almost jazz club beat with colorful lyrics. As the title suggests lyrics are about flowers, a garden, and the beauty of women. Women are often compared to flowers in beauty and fragility. You can’t make a flower grow easily and not all flowers grow under the same conditions. In the end, though, all flowers need love and care. This song is quiet but powerful, like a work of art or poetry.

Listen to the single here

Dream Boy Remix – Waterparks ft MC4D

‘Dream Boy’ Remix by Waterparks ft MC4D is a beautiful wonderland brought to life just for us. The perfect techno dance with a familiar voice, at least until the robotic filter starts the serenade. The various remixes of this song are just perfect with the lyrics and title ‘Dream Boy’. Custom made just for you. Whatever your taste, whatever your flavor you can choose your favorite. Personally we think the MC4D remix is worth a listen… or like… a few hundred. You know what, just put it on repeat.

Listen to the single here

‘Loving You Gets Hard’ – Alexander 23

Alexander 23 wasn’t sure if he wanted to release a new music video amongst the craziness of the world, but he realized good music is exactly what the world needs to cope right now. The upbeat sound and stunning visuals mixed with the optimist lyrics give us something to smile about as Alexander 23 sings about continuing to love someone even when things get hard. It’s a timely message in the state of the world today which is why we at Fresh Music Friday will be watching this video on repeat for a while. And don’t forget, you can catch Alexander 23 live on tour in August.

Listen to the single here

‘Actions’ – John Legend

John Legend has put out a new song while we are all stuck at home and honestly, this is the best stay-at-home song to jam to! ‘Actions’ is a song that talks about how Actions are more important than love songs and has many facets to it. The beat is kinda slow and steady while still being a great song to dance to! The beat and melody also kinda gave me throwback feels. You should definitely give it a listen!

After Hours -The Weeknd

After the success of his latest singles ‘Blinding Lights‘ and ‘Heartless‘ which are now both certified platinum. The Weeknd has just dropped his new album ‘After Hours’ so sit yourselves down and get ready honey because this is IT. This album is quintessential The Weeknd. It’s full of his recognizable synths and his deep, meaningful lyrics. Get ready to bop and sob with this amazing record. Out everywhere now!

Listen to the album here

‘100 Ways’ – Jackson Wang

‘100 Ways’ by Jackson Wang is full of bouncing beats. Unique beats aside the song in full is pretty neat. Lyrics are confident “There’s a hundred ways to leave a lover/ But I’m the only one that you need” and on the verge of coming off overconfident. The last stanza saves him though. If you’re willing to risk it all for another give ‘100 Ways’ a listen.

Listen to the single here

‘You’ – Aaron Carpenter

Aaron Carpenter brightened our Friday by releasing his brand new music video for his newest single ‘You’ this morning. Filmed on a park baseball diamond and basketball court, the video offers fun visuals for an upbeat song. And the dance choreography definitely makes us want to learn how to dance. Plus, the lyrics are catchy AF! We’ll definitely be singing this song in our heads for the next week or maybe two.

Listen to the single here

Which of these songs are you obsessing over? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

Words: Jazmin Williams, Dakota Ash, Carly Ho, Emily Defoor, Dani Bruncati, Emily Baynham, Isabell Sichwardt| Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Adam Lambert |Frazer Harrison |Brian Ziff

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