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No ‘Mistakes’ Here, Jonas Blue And Paloma Faith Released a Banger

No ‘Mistakes’ Here, Jonas Blue And Paloma Faith Released a Banger

We checked and there’s no ‘Mistakes,’ Jonas Blue and Paloma Faith did indeed release an amazing song. ‘Mistakes’ dropped on March 16th, along with the music video for the song. And boy is that music video a mood when it comes to breakups.

Take a look at it for yourself before we move on

Paloma Faith does a spectacular job portraying the emotional rollercoaster that you go through when a relationship ends. The video tells the story of Paloma’s quest to erase her relationship from her mind using a futuristic, dystopian procedure. Side note: How helpful would it be to be able to erase bad memories like that? Oof.

We see Paloma led into a room while a nurse explains the procedure and then we watch the relationship unfold on screen at the same time as she does. We’re shown the erasure in a clear, visual way as the walls crack and objects fall around the once happy couple. Towards the end of the video, after the procedure ends, we see her ex in the waiting room, presumably waiting for the same procedure. The video ends with the couple reuniting by chance on the street, not recognizing one another.

Jonas Blue and Paloma Faith have released a banger!
Image Source: MacKenzie Reynolds/UMG

The ending scene of the music video really drives home the lyrics of the song, “when will I learn to stop me making the same mistakes again.” Even after going through all of that effort to erase the relationship and the pain it caused, Paloma ends up right back where she started, getting ready to make the same mistakes with the same person.

It’s a feeling that’s all too relatable for some of us. We go back to the same people and make the same painful mistakes over and over again. Jonas Blue and Paloma Faith have managed to capture those emotions and that heartbreak perfectly with this song. You’d expect to hear a message like that from a slow, powerful ballad or something more laid back, right? TBH, Jonas Blue’s upbeat style mixed with Paloma’s pop powerhouse vocals does an equally amazing job at conveying the message.

SO, don’t make the mistake of not checking this song out because it’s amazing and worth the listen. Let us know how you feel about it in the comments below or by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPop!

You can read more about Jonas Blue and other artists you love by clicking right…wait for it…here!

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