Waterparks Drops New ‘Dream Boy’ Remix with MC4D

Waterparks Drops New ‘Dream Boy’ Remix with MC4D

Waterparks has once again blessed our ears with their new remix of ‘Dream Boy’ with MC4D! We know y’all are all at home being bored, so there’s no excuse to not have heard the new jam. Seriously, if we weren’t all practicing social distancing, we’d be popping off to this one in the club right now.

The band took to Twitter yesterday to call this their “fav parx remix ever” and to tweet the link to the song on Spotify:

It’s a super high-energy pop-synth remix courtesy of MC4D, twin brothers Matt and Chris Drake, who’ve been establishing themselves as label remix staples since 2018. The brothers have released official remixes for Justin Caruso, Frank Walker, Ryan Riback, NEIKED, FRND, Youngr, Wrabel, Tep No, Jocelyn Alice, Anna Clendening, and numerous others.

Although Fandom was released in October of last year, we’re still getting some quality content out of it. The ‘Dream Boy’ remix is right in line with front man Awsten Knight’s vision for the original version of the song, for which he even directed the music video. We’re definitely so in awe of this man’s musical talent.

Bonus Corona Quarantine Activity!

Spice up your first listen of the remix with this super cute Dream Boy Generator created by @mauriokart on Twitter!

Then tweet us all your creations, and how much you love the remix, @TheHoneyPOP! Or drop us a comment and tell us!

To Learn More About Waterparks:

Featured Image Source: Waterparks on Twitter/Dream Boy remix cover art

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