You Know You’re A MOA When…

This week is the first MOA Day since TXT’s anniversary! We’re 7 months with this name but over a year with TXT 🥺. We have gone through a lot this month, but we are still here, barely alive after seeing them be amazing artists!

Every fan runs into other fans and shares the struggles they’ve encountered with their experiences. As a MOA, we have found some pretty hilarious problems in our lives as fans of TXT. Here are the top 5 situations when you know you’re a MOA.

1. You just can’t choose one

source: JTBC Idol Room

Every fan sometimes struggles with their bias or bias line (the member(s) of a group a fan especially likes). What we have seen in the MOA community is that everyone loves TXT! How can you choose just one member to love unconditionally, or even, how can you pick a couple and not the others? Even MOAs who are deeply invested in either their big bunny, fake maknae, teddy bear, little savage, or giant baby are wholly in love with the entire group.

Some MOAs switch biases, some add biases, some just give up and spend every other day crying about every member (like yours truly). This is something that unites us as we talk about how one day we love Yeonjun with all our atoms, and the next day we’re upset at him for being…him. Struggling to have a bias while knowing any member could drown us in aegyo in an instance is one way we know we’re MOAs.

2. You are 36 videos behind on content


It’s rarely a dull day for MOAs. A drought for us is being reduced to 6 videos a week, instead of 10+. Big Hit keeps a massive archive of videos for both TXT and BTS. With their busy schedule and different upbringing, BTS wasn’t able to have all these personal shows but still manages to create new b-roll content and star on shows around the world. With TXT, they get to discover and create most of the time.

MOAs are no strangers to the daily content. Aside from Sundays, the day Big Hit offices are closed; MOAs get one short video or one 30-minute video every day on YouTube, in the forms of T:TIME, ++line, or TXT Episode. In our current situation, we have daily content, vlives (popular streaming service), and 3 different personal shows airing in two different countries. Are we lucky, or are we drowning?? Not all MOAs can be 100% up to date with this, and they come back to 3 or 4 hours of TXT being TXT! We all understand the feeling of waking up in the morning and seeing that someone went live at 5 a.m.

3. You get caught up in new merch sales


Not everyone can afford to get merch as a kpop fan. But many of us do save up to get a little something once in a while or petition for something around birthdays or Christmas from relatives. Big Hit is a connoisseur in merchandise that defies the usual. Aside from albums and the usual collectibles, Big Hit has made moves to expand to different brand identities. In TXT’s case, every comeback, the boys wear matching clothing called uniforms.

Though they are not always dressed the same, they wear clothing with Tomorrow X Together or their logo written somewhere. MOAs remember the disappointment of never getting a uniform line from their debut album promotions. Never being able to buy the boys’ cute varsity jackets. But with The Dream Chapter: Magic‘s promotions, MOAs were treated to too much uniform merch. We breathe and Big Hit releases an important new merch line. With the looming promise that TXT will have their third album out by June 2020, and that “When warm days come, a festival only for us will begin,” MOAs have a lot to expect in the coming months.

4. You spend too much time on that bird app


When MOA Twitter was first born, everyone knew everyone. There were 15 accounts, and everyone followed all of them. But now, MOA Twitter is a powerhouse of memes, edits, fanart, trending celebrations, and amazing fanbases. It’s so easy nowadays to get lost in that content. Even with the abundance of content MOAs receive, sometimes they go through a period where they go a little crazy. They spend their time trying to coerce a certain maknae to post selfies, countdown their top videos on Twitter, or spreading MOA love across the app.

Recently, the community went through a judgmental time and banded together to trend two very important hashtags. TXT and MOAs are still not 100% accepted in a growing 4th generation, but they encourage each other in every situation. Twitter can be a breeding ground for … questionable MOA behavior, but it’s also a place for great achievements!

5. You love TXT

source: Twitter TXT_bighit

Of course, the most obvious sign of a MOA, you love TXT! Some fans enjoy their artists, but MOAs love TXT with all their hearts. Throughout this first year, MOAs have shown their love in so many ways from adopting or donating in the members’ names to putting on events that the members see and reciprocate. Even as we learned of TXT in January, some of us were already sure that they were it.

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Having such a supportive fandom must give TXT more happiness than we can even fathom. MOAs are always professing their love in so many ways, and we know they haven’t run out yet. Though the final point on the list, loving TXT is the greatest sign you know you’re a MOA.

We wish MOAs a happy day of celebrations as they post for MOA Selca Day on Twitter! You’re all beautiful and have created a beautiful community ❤️.

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