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How to Bring #FandomsTogether to Create an Escape and Bring Light on Dark Times

How to Bring #FandomsTogether to Create an Escape and Bring Light on Dark Times


2020 is not the year anyone expected it to be. With the harsh and strange reality the world is facing, many of us are forced to stay at home and social distance. This means things such as the many tours planned this year are being impacted where they are either being postponed or facing cancellation, fandom social events are no longer able to go ahead and we are needing to communicate online now more than ever.

But while there is a lot of fear and negativity, we can also shine a light during dark times. We as fans know first hand that fandoms and having a passion can be the escape from harsh realities, and we want to use this power to unite in our communities and support one another while bringing smiles to people’s faces.

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We are super lucky to be able to rely on the internet and social media during such an isolating time, so now is the time to utilize it and make the most. We know how powerful fandoms can be and so we are starting the #FandomsTogether movement calling on you all to get creative and connect your communities. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Host listening / watch parties

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What better way to connect with one another than by joining in a digital watch/listening party? Arrange events in your fandom by organizing a time and date for everyone to press play on an album, movie or TV series and watch together. Create digital flyers to share and a hashtag to use while posting along together. You could even create a Discord or Zoom to connect together during the event! And if your fandom is lucky enough to have enough content from your faves, you could host regular events dedicated to different things such as different albums or movies.

The Fandom Swap Challenge

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We’ve all experienced that feeling of when you first find an artist or a tv show or movie franchise – it’s a little like falling in love! It’s such a great feeling that really boosts our mood and keeps us occupied. So, why not take this time to discover a new passion? Find a friend or mutual who is in a different fandom to you that you think you might be interested in and set up a DM. Send each other things that you love from your faves (music, YouTube videos, etc.) Spend time getting to know the artists. You may very well find a new favorite! But it’s okay if you don’t – you’ve just got to know about something else and may find a newfound appreciation or respect and also an understanding of what that artist means to someone else.

Fan Fic Book Clubs

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Calling all fanfic fanatics! We know that plenty of fandoms have the most talented writers and what better time than right now to start a fanfic book club? Set up a group chat, recommend your favorite fics and decide which you’re going to read together and when. Check-in on the chat regularly and share discussions and theories about what you’re reading! It’s also the perfect way to discover new writers and even show support for aspiring authors!

Positivity Hashtags

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We all love a good fandom hashtag. Why not use this time to get creative and come up with some for yours? From body positivity to recommending smaller artists you’re loving or self-promo within your community, get creative and start some hashtags to connect! Make sure you use #FandomsTogether too so we can share the love.

There are so many things we can do as fandoms and we hope we have inspired you to participate in #FandomsTogether and create something amazing. If you have any events or projects planned, you can submit them below and we will create an event list and promote it on our platform!

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Is your fandom hosting something? What are you doing to keep busy right now? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and be sure to include #FandomsTogether if you’ve got anything planned!

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