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Weekly Punk With A Pop — That Packs A Punch!

Weekly Punk With A Pop — That Packs A Punch!

Hey, y’all! We’re back again with even more amazing bops from the world of Pop-Punk & Alternative music, and we hope you love these songs as much as we do!


The Run Around — ‘Bombs Away’

‘War paint and we’re ready to throw down!’ The Run Around is bringing us a rocking new track called ‘Bombs Away’. Now if that doesn’t get your adrenalin pumping, just listen to the song. ‘Bombs Away’ is the title track of the 2020 EP of the same name. Reflective of the distress and discomfort many of us are feeling, this is a positive way to get out our emotions. Sometimes it might just feel like it’s better to push that button and be done. Instead, let’s get on our feet and jump to this energized beat!

Jackie Cruz — ‘Be Bad’

Jackie Cruz has a way to seduce our hearts and minds with her indescribable soulful voice. Her latest track, ‘Be Bad,’ is an ode to feminism and inclusivity. With its unique blend of R&B melodies and pop electronic soundscapes, ‘Be Bad’ is about to soar JACKIE CRUZ to new heights in the music industry. In the music video, Jackie plays Lilith and tells the story of creation and the Garden of Eden. The story gives a clear depiction of Jackie’s views of feminism and gender inequality. We know you guys are going to love it!

Livonia — ‘Hate. Relate. Regenerate’

Livonia is here with a new Ep titled Hate. Relate. Regenerate. A nice neat little package of an intro and three full songs. Short sweet and to the point the intro takes us in a sound introduction, giving us a feel for the sounds to come. Heavy guitar distortion and drums dominate the sound. This is a fast journey through some heavy emotions. The perfect dose for your daily train ride or commute. So start the day off right with Hate. Relate. Regenerate.

Bite Me Bambi — ‘Hot Lava’

Check out the newest music video ‘Hot Lava’ from Orange County, CA band, Bite Me Bambi. The song is fun and the quirky music video adds a bit of humor to the Ska inspired track. The song has got a unique, powerhouse sound that’s going to take this band to the next level! The group is fronted by Tahlena Chikami, who moonlights as an actor and has appeared on shows such as Parks and Recreation and Gilmore Girls. A legend fronting a legend on the rise, we love to see it!

Suntitle — ‘Big Jawn’

Get ready Honey Poppers because Suntitle has signed with Know Hope Records, and have announced their new EP Pure Forever will drop on April 24th. To kick off the EP, the band has released a new single called ‘Big Jawn’ as well as its accompanying music video. The single is a hardcore bop with heavy drum beats and some sick guitar riffs, and it will captivate all of your senses. We are so stoked for this new EP, and we know it’s going to be unbelievable!

Broadside — ‘Foolish Believer’

Broadside, champions of the genre, have announced that they have signed to independent label Sharptone Records, and making their label debut with new single ‘Foolish Believer.’ Most commonly known from the band’s debut album Old Bones, the song ‘Coffee Talk’ (our JAM) has been streamed more than 13 million times via Spotify. We expect nothing less with ‘Foolish Believer.’ Taking inspiration from his early life, growing up in a trailer park, struggling to find his worth, Oliver Baxter eventually found his footing. Forming Broadside and a wave of pop-punk was something he held onto, only to crash with lineup changes, and other frustrations, the familiar feeling returned. Luckily for us, it lit a fire. Ollie is back and bringing Broadside with him, with a brand new sound that we cant wait to hear more of.

Arrested Youth — ‘Brightside’

We don’t know about you but we sure could use some positive vibes with all the craziness going on in the world. Luckily, Arrested Youth has released an upbeat new track called ‘Brightside’ to remind us all to find the brighter side of things. Arrested Youth, aka Ian Johnson, said the song is about just that, reminding people to hold on to their positivity and optimism when times are tough instead of dwelling in the negativity. The song is a mix of alternative pop with a bit of an indie vibe thrown in for good measure. It’s a powerful song musically as well as lyrically, and it’s just the thing we need right now. So go out and find the ‘Brightside’ to life with a little help from Arrested Youth.

Las Nubes & Palomino Blond — Split EP

What’s better than one artist on an EP? TWO artists on an EP! Miami based bands Las Nubes and Palomino Blond have teamed up with Jonathan Nuñez of Torche and Zach Weeks from GodCity Studio to release a new EP featuring 4 tracks. Las Nubes opens up the EP with the tracks ‘Demonize’ and ‘Tararear,’ which is completely in Spanish! ‘Demonize’ is a slower, more laid back track compared to ‘Tararear’ and employs the use of fuzzed-out vocals to add to the chill, alternative vibe of the song. ‘Tararear’ also has the fuzzy vocal style but with a more upbeat track behind it. The fact that the song is also completely in Spanish is pretty cool since that’s not something that you usually hear from bands of this genre. Palomino Blond rounds out the EP with two tracks leaning more towards a mix of pop-punk and rock. ‘7th Heaven’ is a more angsty, alternative sounding track while ‘Damage’ is the more hard-hitting, pop-punk/rock sounding track (which ends with a pretty wicked guitar solo). Give the Las Nubes/Palomino Blond split EP a listen and you may just discover a new artist, or two, that you love!

New Language — ‘No Time’

The world nowadays is fast-paced and overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have time to do everything we need to do and worry about ourselves on top of all of that. That’s exactly what New Language is bringing to light with their new track ‘No Time.’ The guitar-laden, edgy, synth-pop track captures the feeling of running out of time and the anxieties of trying to manage yourself in a life full of outside movement. The video also reflects this theme, with flashing imagery and rapid cuts between the band and lots of other people singing. It’s an anthem for the anxious, letting you dispel your worries about trying to keep up with life and also take care of yourself. ‘No Time’ is the perfect song to scream out your feelings to when you need a little bit of a cathartic release. And hey, since we’re all stuck inside with nothing to do right now, keep the song’s message in mind. Life can make you neglect yourself, but since life is slowing down a little right now, you have more time rather than ‘No Time,’ so take some time for yourself! Maybe check out this song and the rest of New Language’s music while you’re at it 😉

Balcony Talk — Calendar Daze EP

If you’re looking for a new alternative/indie artist to get into, then look no further than Balcony Talk! Their latest EP Calendar Daze is out now, and it’s worth the listen for sure. The central theme of the 4-track EP is the stress and monotony that can come with getting stuck in your daily routine and forgetting about yourself and other people while trying to manage it all. The songs all have a killer guitar and intense, catchy hooks, and if you’re really into alternative music, you’ll probably love this EP. So check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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ONR’s ‘Human Enough’ has us all emotional, and wanting to dance to it, at the same time. It’s the second track off ONR’s Must Stop EP (out May 15), and you can just hear the struggle in their voice, they can’t get over that special someone, but they know they’re not human enough to love them. It’s intense, and in the video, you can see the struggles on ONR’s face and in movements, with a dark and red aesthetic all around them indicating passion and intensity. Overall, we’re emotional, we’re dancing to this addicting track with synth-pop beats, and we’re so stoked to hear what will come from ONR’s EP once it’s out.

Yoshi Flower — ”Idle Hand$’

Yoshi Flower has us all in our feelings with his new song, ‘Idle Hand$.’ It’s a quiet and sweet song, with a simple video concept of him walking along train tracks in the dark, looking straight into the camera. The video was shot in one take in Tokyo, Japan, adding to the magic of it. He told Billboard, “The making of the video was a lot like the writing of the song, just honing in on divine timing, we all get those ideas like lightning hitting our heads when we are in the shower or on a plane or just about to fall asleep. But the times when we get the courage and freedom to turn thought into action is so special, that’s my favorite part.” The song holds some hope in it, too, with lyrics that we feel in our hearts, “everything is gon be alright.” Yoshi Flower has outdone himself with this song, and we’ll be listening to it while dramatically staring outside a window as it rains, it’s that kind of song.

Well, it’s safe to say we were packed to the brim this week, and we hope you enjoyed some of our hot picks! Let us know what you think in the comments or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image: Bilge Zeynep Words: Dani King, Dakota Ash, Aman Shamim, Brooke Gray & Emily Defoor

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