Colony House Shows How Original Their Material Is In New Impromptune Video

Colony House Shows How Original Their Material Is In New Impromptune Video

Colony House keep delivering such bops. We all already know it, their song ‘Original Material’ is incredible, keeping us dancing while singing along with them. And it has a good message, you know? We don’t need to fit it, and Colony House doesn’t want to, they want to be ‘Original Material.’ And they truly are!

At these times, we need some new things and new music to keep us entertained inside our homes. Colony House ensured their fans are well-fed with music and original ideas. So they released an ImprompTUNE (a take on impromptu!) video for ‘Original Material!’ The video, showcasing the true talent of the guys of Colony House, gave us a sense of calm in all the world’s chaos.

The video was filmed in Albequerque, New Mexico, with a nice desert backdrop. With the beautiful scenery of an empty desert, it gives us a little more focus on the band and we can truly appreciate their musicianship.

We call these acoustic shows impromp(tunes) for a reason. They are usually a spur of the moment decision based on an interesting location we think would fit the vibe of one of our songs. We were on a trip out west to capture a lot of the visuals for this album and passed through Albequerque, NM. It turned out our friend who was filming on the trip had family right outside Albequerque with some property. We went and explored for the morning and ended up with the ‘Original Material’ imprompTUNE.

Colony House

We love that they can do such an amazing performance so spontaneously, not many artists could do that and we stan Colony House for it!

Let us know what you think of the imprompTUNE performance of ‘Original Material’ by dropping us a comment or by heading over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

To Learn More About Colony House:

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