Kang Daniel Returns With ‘2U’ And We Are Loving It

Kang Daniel Returns With ‘2U’ And We Are Loving It

After his break to focus on his own health, Kang Daniel returns brighter than ever. Konnect Entertainment has officially stated the artist is ready to proceed with his career and promotional activities. ‘2U’ is the title track for, CYAN, the singer’s new album. Daniel keeps his groove sound, with a fresh chorus; a whole composition that swiftly focuses on his performance.

‘2U’ is a light song. It has a calming but uplifting energy. Daniel seems to return with a youthful message and a positive mindset. Even though the lyrics speak of love, the words are pretty soft and accompanied by a light melody that enchants any listener. ‘2U’ keeps Kang Daniel’s characteristic subdued R&B, and it seems like a super fitting song to open spring with. The back vocals give it depth, a structure that makes it distinguishable and detailed. I must say it’s a pleasure to find songs that fit the current generation without falling in overused trends.

The single’s promotions will run smoothly – even with the current restrictions. ‘2U’’s performance has a matching quirky but cheerful status, which matches Kang Daniel’s own personality. The choreography is marked by what I used to call a very well detailed simplicity. It runs away from the hard movements that seem to be common between male artists and groups lately.

What is left to say should be, we can only hope that Daniel’s return is received with open arms. DANITY have expressed their happiness towards the return. We can only wish that Kang Daniel will remain a good example that taking a break for self-care is ok and necessary for idols in the industry. We can’t stop ourselves from admiring his courage and determination.

So, what do you think of ‘2U’? Share with us what you think about it by commenting below, or through @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured image source: Konnect Entertainment & Rita Louren

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[…] Kang Daniel is one of K-Pop’s biggest soloist. The idol had his start on the idol survival show, Produce 101, where he placed first and debuted as the center of the boy group Wanna One. Which made him truly Nation’s Pick. Since going solo, the idol has dropped three EPs and among these are some real bops, and they should be on your K-Pop playlist. Kang Daniel is one of the youngest CEO’s in the K-Pop industry as he has established his own entertainment company KONNECT Entertainment. That’s why the idol is so heavily involved in his music, and… Read more »

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