With Monsta X Updates Monbebe Have A Wild Week!

With Monsta X Updates Monbebe Have A Wild Week!

This past week has been a roller coaster for Monbebe. From Wonho being cleared of charges, to the most recent change of schedule, Monsta X seem to be on a rampage to make our hearts go wild.

Wild Monday

Let’s start with Wonho’s situation. After the recent update on the investigations and Starship Entertainment’s statement, nothing else was reported from the company. The moment leaves it up to several discussions, questions, conclusions without foundation. Allegations are being thrown left and right, but one thing seems clear: even after all this time, Monbebe are still supporting their idol. The fandom has been spreading positive messages for him and will stay by his side. In result, ‘From Zero’ debuted on Billboard’s weekly chart World Digital Song Sales the same week the news came out. The song was written and composed by Wonho himself, and is part of the group’s The Code album. The lyrics also have a very impactful meaning on the current situation.

  • You can read about Wonho’s situation here.

Later in the week, Joohoney himself entered Fancafe to address Monbebe. After taking a necessary break in order to take care of his mental health, the rapper reached out to his fans with a new message. The short but meaningful words mentioned that he misses Monbebe and he is «little by little returning to Monbebe side». It didn’t take long for the fandom to go wild, and #WelcomeBackJoohoney emerged on social media.

Comeback Confirmations

But this news isn’t the only thing to be excited about. A press release from Starship Entertainment confirms that Joohoney is resuming his activities as a Monsta X member. And, within the official release, Starship also confirms comeback preparations with Joohoney preparing along the other members. The group already has their schedule updated, informing all fans of their future plans. Now all that’s left is to anxiously wait for any more hints!

  • Monsta X are also preparing to release Wish on the same Sky, a new Japanese single on April 15th, with MV scheduled for March 31st.

In the meantime, Monbebe are also preparing to celebrate Monsta X’s upcoming debut anniversary – May 14th. The fandom has been diligently preparing different projects for the celebration. However, recently, they also developed a form to help the World Health Organization along with the celebration! Check Out: ‘First Page: 514

What about you? Are you excited with these amazing news? What are your suspicions for Monsta X’s upcoming comeback? Let us know below, or in @TheHoneyPop!

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Oana Lamisto
Oana Lamisto
1 year ago

I just want Starship to announce Wonho s reinstatement and for us to enjoy this comeback as we should. Fans support him more than ever. And I cannot imagine any other outcome than Wonho returning. The global support is IMMENSE idk if you are aware people that NEVER heard about K pop learned about Wonho. He is globally supported even by non K pop fans. So I wait for Starship s official announcement.

1 year ago

My expectations is “OT7 COMEBACK” .
Otherwise …. I will be so disappointed .
I mean, why haters always win? That’s fking unfair .


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10 months ago

By Narie Perry I love monsta x

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