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Self Isolating? Here Are Some YouTubers You Should Be Watching!

Self Isolating? Here Are Some YouTubers You Should Be Watching!

If like us, you have recently been confined to you’re home due to COVID-19, you may have found you have a fair bit of time on your hands. So with that in mind, we have come together at The Honey Pop to share some of our favorite YouTubers that we watch in our downtime! Maybe you already enjoy some of these too, but you may discover someone you have never watched before and come to love them as much as we do!



We would be kinda shook if you were to say you have not heard of the Sidemen. Either as a group or as individuals, as these guys are killing it view wise on YouTube. However, if you haven’t checked them out, you may find they are the light relief you need atm. With new videos every Sunday, these guys deliver hilarious content such as real-life tinder, quiz themes, sports themes, and so much more. With KSI, MiniMinter, Vikkstar123, Behzinga, Zerkaa, TBJZL & W2S you are in good hands and guaranteed some much needed comedic relief!

Bambino Becky

If you need to laugh more than look no further, Bambino Becky provides hilarious content, and with her series ‘Strong Ones,’ delivers features from other popular YouTubers on the UK scene. If you want to watch some of your faves get a little tipsy and answer some awkward questions then look no further. Becky has got just what you need! Also, with the UK’s biggest Youtuber KSI shouting her out for her content, you know she’s gonna be worth the watch!

Mr Beast

Fun-filled wholesome content, with a huge splash of generosity, is what you will find when you tune in to Mr. Beast’s channel. With his competitions and giveaways mixed in with challenges, time simply flies when watching his vids! Let’s not forget that it was Mr. Beast who set up #teamtrees, which saw 20 million trees donated to help out planet when it is most definitely needed. A living legend, in our opinion!

James Marriott

James Marriott is simply one of the funniest content creators out there atm. Whether it’s a book review, commentary on some of the crazy things other influencers are up to, or watching TikTok’s with the like of WillNE. His delivery is sassy, bright, and extremely entertaining. Sometimes we need someone to say what we’re all thinking, and generally, that’s what James does!


Calfreezy delivers quizzes, vlogs, and all-round fun and entertaining content. And he does so with humor and charm, and we cannot get enough of his videos. You may also notice he lives with 2 other well-known YouTubers by the name of W2S (Harry), and Callux. Who often appear in his vids!

Sam & Colby

Sam & Colby deliver spooky supernatural content that has us on the edge of our seats. Both scared for them and there with them as they take us on their investigations. With their friends by their side also, their videos are compelling and convincing enough to make us think that there may be there is such a thing as ghosts!

Kian & JC

From amusing tried and tested videos, to vlogs, fun & games and there own YouTube series, The Reality House. Kian and JC deliver addictive, exciting, and downright funny content that is easy to watch and will chase those blues away while you can’t leave the house.


‘Family-friendly alternative content’ that’s CrankThatFrank‘s motto, and that is what he delivers. With his reaction videos, the occasional appearance of familiar faces, including Jessie Paege as well as other YouTubers, and there are some older videos with our fave green-haired dude Awsten Knight. With this channel we get wholesome fun content, with the alternative twist that our emo hearts need.

Danny Gonzalez

Danny’s outlook and delivery with his commentaries are refreshing, funny, and addictive to view. If you’re not already watching him regularly, we suggest hitting that subscribe button ASAP. Alongside the commentary videos, we get parodies and songs that are both hilarious and catchy as hell. With all the time you may find you have at the moment, its well worth going back and watching everything he has produced. You will NOT be disappointed! 

Honorable Mentions …

It’s safe to say there is SO much talent on YouTube as a platform, but we only have so much time to list off all our current faves. So here are some other creators we adore, we have linked their names to their channels for you to check out! Who knows, you may even find us talking about some of them more shortly!

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So, did you enjoy our choices? Let us know if you are already watching, or if you enjoyed discovering some new iconic YouTubers to watch! You can drop a comment below, or you can send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop!

Need more YouTube content? We have always gotchu!

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