How To Be The Cool Kid In Quarantine!

How To Be The Cool Kid In Quarantine!

Hi, Honey Poppers! As we take a break from office life here at THP, we are doing our best to keep ourselves entertained. We expect you are as well! Since we are all in this together, we want to share some things you can do while in quarantine!

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So, it’s not ideal, but we are saving lives by staying home and out of the public areas, and there’s no place like home sweet home. This leads us to the first thing you can do in your self-isolation party!

Have a Netflix Party!

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We miss hanging out with our friends just as much as you do, even though we mostly sit around and binge the latest releases on Netflix. So what is a Netflix Party, you may ask? Well, Netflix Party is a plugin you add to google chrome, open Netflix to your favorite movie or show, and send your friends the shareable link! Not only can you watch it with your friends, but you can chat too! It’s like their right there in the room with you! You can download it here.

A (virtual) trip to Disney World!

Who doesn’t adore Disney rides? We know that Disney Parks had to shut down due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Virtual Disney World on Youtube has created multiple VR 360 videos so kids can enjoy the magic from home during quarantine! Make sure your hands and feet stay inside the vehicle at all times and click on your next ride here!

Watch Puppies!

Who doesn’t love puppies? Might as well call us The Honey Pup! Whether you have your pup at home or need your fix, we have just the thing! Explore Live Cams is live streaming the only thing we need during this quarantine: puppies! Lets virtually give puppy kisses. 🥺

Take a Virtual Tour

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Remember that trip to France we planned? It sucks that we can’t see it in person because you know, quarantine, but you can still see them virtually! Virtual tours make it so that the things we want to see are brought into your home! You can tour places like The Taj Mahal, The Vatican, and even the Sistine Chapel!

Start Writing!

Writing is a very therapeutic and beautiful way to express how you are feeling! A great way to begin your writing journey is to start your own blog! Blogs are your own you can write recipes, look books, quite simply anything you can think of!

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Another great way to start writing is with us, yours truly! The Honey Pop is always looking for new writers! Are you part of a fandom or stan an artist you know more than anyone else? Join the THP family! We focus on fandoms, music, and everything pop culture! Apply to join us here, we would love to have you onboard!

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What have you been doing your time at home? Let us know if you liked these suggestions by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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