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Top 5 The Avalanches Music Videos — Including Their New Single ‘Running Red Lights’

Top 5 The Avalanches Music Videos — Including Their New Single ‘Running Red Lights’

Aching for new music? The Avalanches have you covered with their brand-new official music video for their latest single ‘Running Red Lights.’ The video was directed by three-time Emmy nominee Greg Brunkalla and features choreographer and dancer Erik Cavanaugh (who is famous for his performance in the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent) along with a cameo by Angelyne. One of the many highlights on the track is stand out vocals from Rivers Cuomo from the band Weezer. 

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It’s a groovy song filled with hypnotizing instrumentals and tranquil vocals, accompanied by relatable lyrics. No matter your age or where you’re from, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and sing along to this catchy tune that accurately portrays the highs and lows of love, from being love struck all the way to the pain of seeing your lover with someone else.

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To celebrate the debut of the music video for ‘Running Red Lights,’ we’ve compiled our personal top 5 rankings of some of The Avalanches most recent music videos.

5. ‘Stalking to a Stranger’ (Planets Collide Remix)

The intro for the video features a man dressed in a suit and hat walking along the tracks outside of a desolate railroad platform. He sits down on a bench and opens a suitcase, which immediately prompts a sudden show of bright flashing neon lights. The song displays vibrant brass instruments blaring funky music alongside steady and rhythmic drumming that will get your heart thumping and your joints moving in no time!

4. ‘Because I’m Me’

The storyline of ‘Because I’m Me’ seems pretty straightforward to follow. The video follows the actions of a young boy who expends all of his effort and energy trying to impress a girl who works at a train station. The boy dances while a live band plays jazzy, upbeat, hopeful music. He puts on a complete performance and demonstrates his best moves, but sadly his crush does not even look up or give him a second glance. It’s a sweet little video that portrays the all too familiar tale of unrequited love.

3. ‘Subways’

Out of all of the videos in this ranking, ‘Subways’ stands out the most. Instead of being live-action like most of the other videos filmed by The Avalanches, ‘Subways’ is depicted using an old-style type of cartoon animation. The video starts off with a character that is initially portrayed in black and white and is then brought to life and converts into color as they listen to music. The project is very aesthetically pleasing, with bright colorful vibrant visuals, with slow music to match the carefree atmosphere. The personified fruits and animals are extremely entertaining and eye-catching to see, and this, when paired with the percussion that will make you feel like life, couldn’t be better.

2. ‘Frankie Sinatra’

After watching this video, you’ll be left with your head spinning and feeling like you’re seeing double. This video has an intriguing plot that centers around workers at an ice cream truck inside a carnival spiking people’s drinks and desserts. The result is the depiction of tainted carnival-goers through blurry filters and visual effects that will leave you feeling a tad bit disoriented. The contaminated people end up seeing visions that aren’t there and start acting crazy and out of character, which is most certainly a sight to behold. There’s even a haunting voice that repeats the chorus over and over and will creepily sneak into your brain and stay there no matter how much you try to resist. This is one music video we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

1. ‘Running Red Lights’

And last but not least is the main star of the show! The music video for The Avalanches most recent single opens up with Erik Cavanaugh seeking advice from a psychic. Following his appointment, he asks to buy a bouquet and proceeds to shamelessly dance out in the middle of the streets. Cavanaugh takes us with him on his journey through his rollercoaster of emotions as he dances around town without a worry in the world and is completely engulfed in the freeing feeling of being in love. However, reality comes to an end his short-term enthusiasm once he sees the silhouette of his lover embrace someone else while he heartbreakingly watches.

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The production includes harps, tambourines, and synths, which completely envelop and entrance listeners and transports them to the fantastical yet lonely bubble of the video’s protagonist. Pink Siifu’s verse echos the late David Berman’s words from ‘Darkness and Cold’ by Purple Mountains, which is perfectly fitting since the video was made in his loving memory. The sentiment leaves fans with a bittersweet feeling that starkly contrasts with the bright and optimistic feeling offered when the song and video first begin. In the end, the video comes full circle when Cavanaugh heeds the words echoed by the psychic at the beginning of the video and ends up following his heart, with the title ‘Running Red Lights’ ending up with an entirely different meaning than before.

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From start to end, whether it be the vocals, instrumentals, choreography, or music video directing, ‘Running Red Lights’ is a masterpiece. It’s out right now, so don’t forget to stream it!

What are your thoughts on The Avalanches’ new music video for ‘Running Red Lights?’ Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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