Selena Gomez Makes Us Want To ‘Dance Again!’

Selena Gomez Makes Us Want To ‘Dance Again!’

Selena Gomez dropped a MV for her song ‘Dance Again’ and we are OBSESSED. The whole video is essentially Selena dancing to the BOP that ‘Dance Again’ is and honestly, we’re totally here for it! The beat of the song definitely makes us wanna dance to it nonstop, too!

In honor of the ‘Dance Again’ MV that has finally dropped, we have decided to compile a list of other Selena Gomez songs that you can’t help but wanna dance to!


Okay, the MV to ‘Look At Her Now’ is honestly one of her best MVs. The colors are so vibrant and Selena just kills the dance performance! We always find ourselves humming the ‘Look At Her Now’ part at the most random times because it just is such a catchy song!

FETISH (feat.Gucci Mane)

Fetish is a song that has a kinda hip-hop vibe to it, but it is Selena’s voice that makes the track complete. This is definitely another dance hit song of hers that is one of a kind.


Kill Em With Kindness has such a great message that we couldn’t help but include it on this list!

You should definitely add these songs to your playlist, because there’s no other way to spend the time in quarantine than with dancing to your favorite bops, right?!

Wanna read more about Selena? Click right here! Tweet us your favorite Selena song to dance to over at @TheHoneyPOP and tell us if you agree with our list or if you would have added different songs to your own personal Selena Gomez dance playlist!

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