The Rap Up: The Perfect Wrap Up For March!

The Rap Up: The Perfect Wrap Up For March!

Welcome back to the fifth week of The Rap Up: where we give you the hottest Hip-Hop/R&B releases from the past week! We’re already finishing up the month of March (Time flies, doesn’t it?), and we cannot wait for what April will look like for the hip-hop heads.

Let’s dive into these new releases! Your ears will be blessed in no time.


This past Friday, PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped his fifth studio album PARTYMOBILE. Not only will it give you that chill, R&B vibe you may be searching for, but he also throws in some fun, signature afro-beats (‘Loyal’ & ‘Trauma’). Fans of him were already raving about the new project, but even more fans started freaking out when they found out Rihanna was a feature. Fans were either excited or underwhelmed by her feature in ‘Believe It,’ but let’s think of it this way: If Rihanna can cause this much hype over a feature, imagine what will happen when she officially comes back to the music industry!

You can stream PARTYMOBILE on all platforms here.

Joyner Lucas: ADHD

Joyner Lucas’s highly anticipated album ADHD is finally here, and to say it’s fire would be an understatement. He opens his project with a skit about a Rorschach test, which is a psychological test that consists of 10 inkblot cards. The subject is asked what they see in each card in order to identify personality characteristics and emotions. If you take a listen, his focus on perception starts to shift, and you can tell his diagnosis would be ADHD. If you ask us, we think it’s a creative way to open up an album. Throughout the album, he includes more skits and interludes to illustrate what he’s been through being ADHD. Not only does it have an inspiring message behind it, but it’s also a rap album that’s catchy and won’t disappoint.

“This project is my big FUCK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far. BIG FUCK YOU to anybody who stood in my way & shitted on me on my way up. The kid with “ADHD” did it.” – Joyner Lucas (Twitter)

You can stream ADHD on all platforms here!

Rich The Kid: ‘No Loyalty’

Ever since Rich The Kid dropped his album BOSS MAN, he has been dropping the visuals for the past two weeks. This week, he dropped the music video for his track ‘No Loyalty.’ It’s rough out here; it’s hard to trust anyone nowadays. We’re hoping to expect a few more visuals, as BOSS MAN consists of 19 tracks full of pure rap.

If you haven’t listened to BOSS MAN yet, then what the heck are you doing? You can stream it on all platforms here!

Jack Bruno: 4u

A few weeks back, Jack Bruno dropped the music video for ‘Someday (Before U Get Bored).’ Now, he has officially dropped his EP 4u, which features the current single. Teasing us with only three songs, his sound mixed with rap and punk leaves his fans only wanting more.

4u is a three-song project to give people a taste of what I’m doing now,” Bruno says. “It clearly shows the mixture of alt/punk and hip-hop influences. It’s a light-hearted, fun project. More to come later this year on my full-length album that I’m in the studio working on.”

And we can’t wait for him to drop more music! You can stream his EP 4u here!

Empara Mi: Suitcase Full of Sins

With a mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, Empara Mi’s new project is not something you want to miss out on. This past Friday, she released her mini-album Suitcase Full of Sins, which consists of 8 tracks that will have your ears thanking us. She premiered her music this past week with Fader. “Suitcase Full Of Sins is a compilation of all of my demons over the past five years. I wanted to pour all the fractured states of my mind into the music, hence the journey between chaos and complete solitude but always with a side of EXTRA.” Empara Mi spoke about the project. Her strong, unique sound blends perfectly with the visuals and sound within her project. We can’t wait for her to release a full album next!

You can stream Suitcase Full of Sins on all platforms here!

Lili Kendall: ‘lonely empress’

Premiered first on Enfnts Terribles, Australian singer Lili Kendall releases her new single ‘lonely empress.’ Her dreamy vocals and pop beat will almost make you feel like you’re floating, and she holds many empowering messages through her music. ‘lonely empress’ is about choosing yourself over a relationship; it’s about valuing self-growth over anything else.

“I wrote this song when I realized the relationship I was in was not allowing me to thrive and become the woman and artist I envision myself to be,” Lili said about the track.

If you’re in love with this track and the meaning behind it, we’ve got good news! She’s planning on releasing her debut project love, herself this Spring. There can never be enough artists that advocate for womanhood and self-empowerment, and we strongly encourage you to be on the lookout! For now, you can stream ‘lonely empress’ on all platforms here!

Tafari Anthony: Centerfold

Toronto-based singer Tafari Anthony releases his new single ‘Centerfold.’ With his beautiful blend of R&B, pop, and soul, and his velvet vocals, ‘Centerfold’ is a song that is required on your break-up playlist. You can throw your middle fingers up and dance all at the same time when this is blasting through your headphones. Often described as a mix of Sam Smith and MNEK, we are confident that Tafari will rise even further as an artist.

“This song was written from sheer frustration of trying to let him down gently and realizing that he just refused to understand,” Tafari spoke on the single.

In love with ‘Centerfold?’ You can stream it on Spotify here!

Rapping It Up

That’s all, folks! We just concluded The Rap Up for the month of March. It’s crazy how fast time flies.

But worry not! We’ll be back next week to cover the newest releases in April! We’re looking forward to another successful month full of bops, and we hope you are, too!

What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? What were your favorite releases from this month? Comment down your thoughts below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Hip-hop/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured Image: Yasmin Keskin

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