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Alternative Gems — Our Hot Picks From The Alt Genres!

Alternative Gems — Our Hot Picks From The Alt Genres!

Even though times are tough at the moment, and we’re having to socially distance and self-isolate, musicians and artists are keeping us going! With new releases still coming out, online concerts and streams. It’s fantastic to know that we can still live vicariously through our faves music. This week we bring you alternative bops from the world of Alternative rock, pop, pop-punk, and more! We hope you may even discover a new band or artist to stan!


Nude Shoes — ‘Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got To Go’

Nude Shoes nose dives into us with their new song ‘Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got To Go’. The guitar moshes right alongside the lyrics and drums to make a wall of death none have seen. This circle pit of melodies will have you moving to the beat no hesitation. We love the vocal harmonies and driving guitar. Hold tight and listen close because this ride doesn’t slow down. Control isn’t needed, let go and let the music fuel the fight against all the confusion and all the anxiety.

Lettuce — ‘NDUGU’

Lettuce has a new single out called ‘NDUGU.’ Starting slowly, it hits us with a big band feel. Mixing the new age with a primordial feel this song has been described among other things as “James Bondy.” It’s a hot track that you should listen to ASAP. Funky rhythms got nothing on this piece.

Middle Aged Queers — Too Fag For Love

Debut album of Middle Aged Queers doesn’t disappoint. Even if it was recorded in under eight hours and for less than $500! The sound of the debut album focuses on a cutting edge punk rock, with fun queer themes and the lyrics sum up the message they want to give to their audience: “We’re the Middle Aged Queers, go fuck yourself” Those lines are a call for one’s self to a love for one’s way of being, and we can’t agree more with that. Stream Too Fag For Love and let us know what you think!

The Wrecks — ‘Out Of Style’

The Wrecks are here with a new single ‘Out of Style.’ Quirky and fun, the song takes things to a whole new level of uniqueness. The lyric video itself could tell its own story. Commentating on a girl who runs around, messing around, and has expensive tastes, it’s easy to see why they’d “Cope with rum and cola.” Love has gone out of style, so what’s the point, right? A quirky fun take on a break-up song. It’ll pick you up in a way that sympathizes with good mood despite the bad luck.

Chapell — ‘All I Need’

‘All I Need’ by Chapell is a one-on-one experience. Just you and the music, watching that movie scene, you’re daydreaming. The vocals are strong as if pulling through is the only option. We love the music with its use of piano, shaker, and minimal drums. There’s just something about this beat that pulls you in for more.

Paper Jackets — ‘What They Call A Life’

Paper Jackets serenade us in their new single ‘What They Call a Life.’ A forever young song with a colorful visualizer. Beautiful aesthetic shots of everyday items make the ordinary extraordinary! Life is full of so much, but it’s THOSE nights we live for. Life isn’t forever, but we’re going to soak up the good times while they roll.

Nothing In Common — Kicking Myself EP

Sweet sweet melodic ecstasy. Nothing In Common is a female-led alt-pop group from Stockholm. They have a new EP, with 4 songs. Are you ready? The Kicking Myself EP brings introspective undertones to hardship and heartbreak. The title track stings as it hits home, and the subsequent songs just soothe that burn and make it seethe. Find your ‘Medicine’ and listen to this new collection courtesy of Nothing In Common. Maybe you’ll find you have more in common with them than you think?

Chaz Cardigan — ‘As I’ll Ever Be’

The original song premiered in the film To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, but the new stripped version hits on such a different level. With only Chaz’s vocals and piano, we picture ourselves hearing the song sitting on the floor surrounded by pillows and fairy lights. We were dreaming with our eyes open, and you?

Jeremy Zucker — ‘Julia’

Jeremy said this song was one of the favorites he’s ever released, and we have to say we agree with him. ‘Julia’ is a smooth track that shows mixed feelings about a complex past relationship, and who can’t relate to that? We know we do. As the song comes to an end, we can say we all have our ‘Julia.’

Big Loser — ‘Blisters’

We never wanted to get ‘Blisters’ up until now. Big Loser just released the music video for their latest single, and it matches the song so well we can’t get enough of it. Guitars, drums, and soaring vocals. We are sold, and so should you.

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Before we go, we have also put together a playlist of these bops along with MORE amazing tunes we think you’ll enjoy! You can check it out below and add to your Spotify if you wish!


We hope you either noticed a fave or made a new discovery! And if it’s the latter, who are you vibing with? Let us know in the comments below, or by sending us a tweet to @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Yasmin Keskin Authors: Dakota Ash, Luli Fabregas & Jodie Rose-Loren

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