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March Madness: It’s the FINAL! Who Will Win in Our Ultimate Fan Face-Off?

March Madness: It’s the FINAL! Who Will Win in Our Ultimate Fan Face-Off?

March Madness

Welcome back to March Madness! All month long you have been voting for your faves to battle it out in our ultimate fan face-off. The votes have been phenomenal and been a close call on many occasions. 32 has become 2 and it’s the finals!

So who made it through to the final battle?

March Madness

Monsta X and Louis Tomlinson are our finalists! We know both Monbebe and Louies are passionate, dedicated fans who will do anything for their faves, so we’re on the edge of our seats biting our nails as the final battle plays out!

This year has seen both artists release albums and their fandoms have been beyond supportive. We also know that both artists have had a rollercoaster of a year but through thick and thin, their fans have stayed by their side and showed us an incredible bond that we cannot help but admire.

You only have until Tuesday, March 31st to vote for your March Madness winner so be sure to let your friends, mutuals, and fandom know and get them voting!

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March Madness
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We’ve got butterflies – we can’t call this one at all!

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Who are you hoping wins – Monsta X our Louis Tomlinson? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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