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Walk Off The Earth & Gnash Exchange Nicknames

Walk Off The Earth & Gnash Exchange Nicknames

‘Nicknames’ is brought to you by Walk Off the Earth. A Canadian Indie pop group who is a pretty big deal on YouTube. They are joined by gnash an American rapper. These two worlds collided to bring us one sweet song. Let’s take a look.


This sweet little tune starts simple. A lot of time and effort went into this quirky cute little tune about a high school like puppy love turned sour. As the years go by it just hurts more, unable to even look at each other or be in the same room. Voices harmonize in the background and add little flares as vocals take turns. Only one wish keeps repeating “can we just pretend to be friends right now?”.

Then the lyric video is anything but simple. WOTE x gnash appears on a notebook at the very beginning stacked neatly on a school desk. The lyrics appear on confession notes, school textbooks, and etched out on desks. Walking us through text messages, social media, chats, and events it gets pretty creative. Innocent and childlike in its pain and hurt, this music video paints a vivid picture.

Did you like the song? What about that sweet music video? We’re looking forward to another gnash x WOTE collab, are you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop.
If you need a little more gnash in your life or maybe a little more WOTE we gotcha covered. Oh and before you go!

Walk Off The Earth Here We Go US Tour Dates

If you’re looking to see Walk Off The Earth in concert you’re going to need a rain check. While this might suck don’t be too down because new dates are listed! The previous dates for April are now set for August. Before we know it we’ll be grooving to the beats along with all of our friends.

If you liked all that (or think you can do better) why not join us? We could always use extra hands and you get to cover awesome artists like this one. Interested?

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Featured Image: courtesy of WOTE Spotify

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