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Love Is An Art And We Are Loving It, Just Like We Are Loving Vanessa Carlton

Love Is An Art And We Are Loving It, Just Like We Are Loving Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is here to wipe away your quarantine blues. Instagram lives rang in the Love Is An Art album release and we are stoked to hear new music. Vanessa Carlton is an American singer and songwriter, most known for her hit ‘A Thousand Miles,’ she’s come a long way and making still the most beautifully down to Earth music.

Leading Up To The Album

With an album lead up there is always a hype of singles. Just to give you a good refresher, here are a couple of our faves! And if you want to know more, we have a few other articles just for you: ‘Future Pain’, ‘The Only Way To Love’, ‘Miner’s Canary’, and finally the album!

‘Future Pain’
‘The Only Way To Love’
‘Miner’s Canary’

And while we’re here, we should mention Vanessa did a series of Instagram lives in the lead up to her album release. In desperate times, you’ve got to compromise. We expect nothing less of our lovely queen of Heroes and Thieves! She’s flexible, able to adapt and overcome. March 23rd through 26th she bounced between new and old music, it was truly a release to be remembered. Were you there?

Love Is An Art

There are eleven beautiful songs full of emotion and connection plus a bonus track. This is her first album in five years, so you know it’s been seasoned to perfection. And being her sixth album, we can expect a lot! As a woman of the piano, she blissfully encapsulated the finer, tender notes of fear and hurt. Music that tells tales of heartbreak, love, greed, and innocence.

Vanessa’s words have always been like poetry. Flowing elegantly to tell stories. These lyrics are no different yet hold so much. There’s light in the darkness, moving through it is only natural. Healing means a change in ‘I Can’t Stay The Same’. Through the lyrics, a picture is painted of a surreal adventure through vegetation rich gardens to discover the pain and strength inside yourself in ‘Companion Star’. False happiness through ‘Salesman’. A variety of topics that strike a chord in our hearts!

Tracklist for Love Is An Art:

See Also

  1. I Can’t Stay The Same
  2. Companion Star
  3. I Know You Don’t Mean It
  4. Die, Dinosaur
  5. Love Is An Art
  6. Future Pain
  7. Back To Life
  8. Patience
  9. The Only Way To Love
  10. Salesman
  11. Miner’s Canary

Are you loving the album? What’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

To Learn More About Vanessa Carlton:

Featured image source: courtesy of Nathan Robert Palmer

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