2020 TWIN XL Is Cleaning Up: This Is ‘Messy’

2020 TWIN XL Is Cleaning Up: This Is ‘Messy’

Thought we were going to talk about the quarantine right? Think again! TWIN XL has popped up again in the 2020 music scene. In 2019 they released a song called ‘Messy’ and we thought they were pretty chill. In fact, they’re so much fun, we decided to cover them again. We bring to your attention a neat little treat the band cooked up for fans. March 27th, 2020 TWIN XL released…

‘Messy’ (Extended Version) [Tour Video]

This is the new and improved extended version. Plus, a tour video. This is a beautiful video if you couldn’t tell by the screencap for it. What’s better than a sea of lights at a concert? Nothing. We swear by it. The excitement of a live concert is brought straight to you. The video starts out with the group singing and playing to an empty venue, then bam! Fans everywhere jamming along. Up until minute 3, everything is how we remember it. That last roughly 50 seconds? We won’t spoil it, but we gotta ask, what did you think of the extension?

Better brush up on your video knowledge. We were so pleased with the new video, were you? Need help with the lyrics to ‘Messy’? How about more info on the single? We’ve got you covered. Tell us what you thought about the music video, or maybe which band member is your fav? Leave a comment down below or get as us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

And if you haven’t seen the original music video… just do it. Go watch it, now!

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Love that? Love us? Think about joining us.

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