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The Revivalists Say The Trip Down Memory Lane Isn’t Over Yet

The Revivalists Say The Trip Down Memory Lane Isn’t Over Yet

The Revivalists released a pretty sweet album back in January. The whole recording took place in Alabama in the Fame Studios. The album itself is a re-imagining of a lot of their older popular songs along with a few covers and a new track ‘Bitter End’. While recording the album the band had a documentary made and released the same day as the album. Now on March 26th, The Revivalists have released something else.

New Live Studio Music Video

Released on March 26th and boasting 7,000+ views the love is strong. This is a special video, getting us up close and personal with each player, each instrument, and the recording process. There’s nothing more intimate then band members jamming for an album recording. Even though the song is known this re-imagining brought it back to life in a new and refreshing way. Now with the release of this music video fans can fall in a new love with it and new fans can see just what makes the band eternal.

The entire album is worth a listen. Songs just like this and more are waiting to be put on repeat. Whether or not you’ve been a fan of The Revivalists, we recommend you listen to them now. They’ve been going 10 years and don’t seem like they’re slowing down anytime soon. There’s a little something for everyone and some insights that’ll give you chills. And if you were worried about the tour there’s good news.

Tour News

Dates have been rescheduled and the band and team are working tirelessly. The Revivalists have been doing a lot of IG Lives and other live #StayAtHome events so keep an eye on their Twitter for updates.

We hope you like the new music video. If you haven’t gotten the album yet click here and let us know what you think by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or commenting down below! If you want to know more about the album and how The Revivalists are doing their part check out this article.

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