Things To Know Ahead Of TOO’s Debut

Things To Know Ahead Of TOO’s Debut

This group is determined “to be World Klass”! Nature‘s little brother group, TOO, will be debuting soon!! We take a look at the things you should know ahead of their debut!

To Be World Klass!

TOO, or Ten Oriented Orchestra, is a 10 member group under n.CH Entertainment. T`hey were formed from 20 trainees on Mnet’s audition show, World Klass. The members consist of the oldest Chi Hoon, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, Leader Jaeyun,, Kyungho, Jerome, and Maknae Woong Gi. They are excitable, charismatic, and LOUD! They’re active Twitter users and spend time replying to their fans on their fancafe. As an homage to their days on World Klass, the members still pledge to be world-class with their team greeting.

source: Youtube TOO Official

“To be World Klass” is the slogan of the show, where the trainees trained to be world-class through various world-class celebrities and missions! Their goal was to become a world-class group of all-around performers in vocals, rap, dance, and acting. They had a small hiccup at the time of the finale, but they have moved forward in their debut process and are finally debuting! The original date was March 18, but due to the current events, they shifted their debut to April 1. You can check out their pre-debut content on Youtube and also their live content on VLIVE!

Reason For Being: Benevolence (仁)

source: Twitter too_offcl

TOO’s debut mini-album, Reason For Being: Benevolence (仁), is a 5-track lineup. Including a track from Monotree, a producer team most known for their work with girl group LOONA, and a cover of The Supremes’ Motown classic, You Can’t Hurry Love, made famous by Phil Collins. Their debut title is Magnolia, a rock trap track with strong vocals. Even though their official debut is April 1 at noon KST, their title MV was released yesterday at midnight KST!

Their debut era is set in a dystopian world and the members were tasked with adding beauty in a disastrous place. They sport both angelic, white clothing and edgy, dark clothing in their promotional photos. A surprising concept for TOO fans who know them for their bright personalities and happy-go-lucky habits!

Fandom name?

They will be debuting on Mnet through their debut showcase, TOO DAY. It is at 8 PM KST on April 2! You can check out their special vlive, TOO의 仁싸탐구, on April 1 at 7 PM KST. Previously the members campaigned suggestions on the TOO fandom’s name through VLIVE. They were a mix of wordplay and clever tie-ins to their group name. We may share an anniversary with TOO if they decide to announce one of these names, or one of many names sent by fans, during their showcase.

source: Twitter too_offcl

Just between us, we’re rooting for maknae Woong Gi’s suggestion, “Maestro”, which he came up with based on their group name being Ten Oriented Orchestra. Also worth mentioning, though TOO is an all-Korean group, their leader Jaeyun is a charismatic English speaker who will lead the group into the international crowd. Rapper is also a reliable speaker!

They have yet to land as a debuted group but have already collected many excited fans since World Klass! The group will also be participating in Mnet’s Road to Kingdom, a spinoff to Mnet’s acclaimed series, Queendom. They will be competing with other known artists to claim their spot in the later airing spinoff, Kingdom. We wish them luck in their debut as well as their participation in Road to Kingdom!

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Featured image source: Twitter too_offcl

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