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We Don’t Have To ‘Dream Alone’ As Long As We Have Rydyr

We Don’t Have To ‘Dream Alone’ As Long As We Have Rydyr

While you might not be familiar with Rydyr (don’t worry, you’re about to be), you’re probably familiar with Cole Pendery, who was a member of the pop boy band IM5. Well, Cole Pendery, aka Rydyr, released his new track ‘Dream Alone’ earlier this week and we’re in love.

Although IM5 is no more, Cole continued his musical career. He now goes by the name Rydyr. It’s a tribute to his mother’s maiden name, which we think is so sweet! He spent the last two years writing and recording music, leading up to his upcoming debut EP. After hearing ‘Dream Alone,’ we are stoked to hear the rest of his music!

Even better, there’s a music video for the song too!

‘Dream Alone’ does a fantastic job of capturing the surreal, ethereal feeling you might feel when you’re dreaming. If you take a close listen to the lyrics, it reads as a conversation between Rydyr and his past self. Now that that version of himself is gone, he’s left dreaming alone, waiting to see that person again. The lyrics are accompanied by beautiful harmonies and Rydyr’s melodic vocals, all backed by the sounds of acoustic guitar combined with a semi upbeat tempo.

The music video masterfully fits the tone of the song as well. The video follows Rydyr as he walks through empty streets and sunlit forests, culminating with him saving a mysterious stranger who appears ready to jump of the side of a bridge. But wait, plot twist! Rydyr ends up saving himself, sitting up in shock after pulling the stranger away from the edge. Talk about waking up in shock from a bad dream.

'Dream Alone' by Rydyr perfectly captures a dreamlike feeling and we love it
Image Source: ‘Dream Alone’ Music Video by Rydyr

The backdrop of empty streets and the dreamy, celestial forest fields and mountain view enhance the dreamlike quality of the song. And that ending? The symbolism?? We can’t get enough. Rydyr has proved himself to be a phenomenal artist, both lyrically and conceptually, and we can’t wait to see where the rest of his career takes him. He went even further as an artist and started his own label to released his music called Shadow Wood Records.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Cole/Rydyr since the IM5 days or are just discovering him now, believe us when we say that his career is worth keeping an eye on. ‘Dream Alone’ is a showcase of just an ounce of his talent and the rest of his EP is sure to be a hit as well!

What do you think of ‘Dream Alone?’ Are you an OG Cole Pendery fan or have you just discovered Rydyr? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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