Quiz: Happy 2 Years with STRAY KIDS! Can you guess the B-Side by the emoji?

Quiz: Happy 2 Years with STRAY KIDS! Can you guess the B-Side by the emoji?

Two years ago, Stray Kids debuted and we can’t believe the time has really flown already. The group recently released their first best album! SKZ2020. More recently, they dropped the heartfelt music video for Mixtape: On Track! Check it out below!

Stay celebrated in style, reminiscing over their journey with Stray Kids over the past 2+ years and working together to trend 3 hashtags worldwide on Twitter!

Last year, Stray Kids dropped Clé 1: Miroh to coincide with their first anniversary! Jam-packed with tracks you wouldn’t dare skip!

There have been ups and downs, highs and lows but Stray Kids and Stay stuck it out and went through it all together.

One of the highlights of last year for the fans was the highly anticipated release of the official light stick, a beautiful design based on the compass theme and a perfect connection between the fans and the artists themselves.

The boys also embarked on their first world tour last year, visiting 13 cities across 4 continents! The second tour began at the end of last year, the first leg in North America completed in February 2020.

Known to keep up with the trends, the members couldn’t resist showcasing their moves to the Renegade dance made popular on TikTok!

Stray Kids have released many songs since pre-debut and we love every single one of them. How well-knowledged are you? Would you be able to guess their b-sides, even by just an emoji? Find out below!

Stray Kids
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Guess the Stray Kids B-Side by the Emoji!

1. Glow
2. TMT
3. Side Effects
4. Sunshine

1. Road Not Taken
2. Grow Up
3. Astronaut
4. Boxer

1. Entrance
2. Hellevator
3. District 9
4. Young Wings

1. Victory Song
2. 0325
3. My Side
4. Awaken

1. M.I.A
2. Entrance
3. My Pace
4. Road Not Taken

1. Glow
2. Sunshine
3. Awaken
4. Booster

1. Question
2. WHO?
3. Not!
4. You.

1. WHO?
2. Mirror
3. I Am You
4. YOU.

1. Beware
2. Get Cool
4. Yayaya

2. WHO?
3. Get Cool
4. My Pace

All 10 questions completed!

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Guess the Stray Kids B-Side by the Emoji!

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Stray Kids
Source: Gyfcat

We’d love to see your results! What is your favourite Stray Kids B-Side? What was your score? You can share your results with us in the comments below or @TheHoneyPop!


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