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Earth to Nostalgia Here Are Our Top 5 Digimon

Earth to Nostalgia Here Are Our Top 5 Digimon

Remember Digimon? The show with Tai, Sora, Matt, TK, and the rest of the gang? The show originally aired in 1999 but the concept was first established in 1997. This was along with the wave of the Tamagotchi pets. Originally set to be a short film, when the creators finished the storyboard in 1998 it was requested to be a television series thus Digimon Adventures was born.


For the purposes of this article, we’ll be sticking with the Digimon in Digimon Adventure. There are over 1400 Digimon in the Digimon universe over the various series. There are Digivolutions, which is basically the maturing forms of various Digimon that are of higher intelligence and power.

But enough about that. Let’s start our list!



This little guy in an O.G. Digimon. The main man in the digital world. Anyone who has watched Digimon knows Agumon and his various forms. He’s always been beside Tai’s side. Basically built like a tiny T-Rex Agumon is our number 5 mostly due to his all-around lovability and time in the spotlight. Throughout Digimon‘s various series 12-14 people have had an Agumon as their partner, but as far as we are concerned Tai and Agumon are the very best.


Our boy Meramon here might look super scary but we promise he’s not. If you haven’t watched the show or need a refresher then go watch. While the show might be old we don’t want to spoil it for you so stop here and move on to the number 2 if you don’t want to know. The next Digimon also has major spoilers.

Okay! Gone? Still here? Geez, alright then. Well, in the animated show he gets controlled by a black gear. Super scary stuff! The poor guy was burning so hot he couldn’t even handle it. We gotta love this guy for the sacrifices he went through and just look at him. What a badass.


Another bad boy gone good… or good guy gone bad? Leomon was also under the control of a black gear which was the main focus for our DigiDestined in this season. This guy goes after our heroes quite a few times, but each time the children free him from another black gear… and another. Man, is this guy some kind of toy or something?

After Leomon gets total freed from the bad guys clutches he tells them all about the prophecy surrounding them. These ragtag kids are going to be the saviors of the Digital World. How cool is that? Plus our man Leomon looks and is named just like the astrological sign Leo. We’re sorry to say this particular Digimon doesn’t meet the best end, but he fought bravely to the very end.



We hear you. Believe us! Gatomon deserves it. She belongs to the eighth DigiDestined. Originally she is tasked with killing the child who happens to be Tai’s little sister. Unable to do so she finds out she is the girl’s partner, and in an attempt to save them plunges into the bad guy’s lair… only to be captured. No biggy she later Digivolves into one of the best Digivolutions we know. Angewomon.

She beautiful, she’s powerful, and just what you cat lovers adore. Gatomon is pretty sassy and gives off that hot n’ cold cat-like vibe. And just look at those big ears and big blue eyes? How can you say no?



See Also

Who could forget this little guy? Patamon belonged to TK who was Matt’s little brother. Belonging to the youngest and most scared DigiDestined it seems fitting that Patamon was pretty scared too. No matter how frightened though he always looked after and protected TK. Going so far in fact that he evolves into the male equivalent Digivolution Angemon. There he sacrifices himself thus having his digital information reverted back into an egg. No matter how much they fuss and fight Patamon is the best Digimon partner you could have!

So who do you choose? Or do you favor a Digimon we haven’t listed? Either way, let us know what you think and tell us your favorites by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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