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Get Ready To Never Put Your Phone Down When Quibi Launches April 6th

Get Ready To Never Put Your Phone Down When Quibi Launches April 6th

Between Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ we all have our self-proclaimed best streaming service. But, what if we told you there’s a new streaming service coming that is going to become you’re new favorite? Well, there is and it’s name is Quibi and it’s coming to an app store near you starting April 6th!

Quibi knows we all live busy lives which makes it hard to sit down and watch a half-hour or hour long show in one sitting, and they’re ready to change the way we watch. Instead of creating more traditional content, Quibi is going to tell it’s stories in 10 minutes or less. Yep, you read that right — 10 minute shows and less. Not only are they telling shorter stories, but they’ve also created stories that are meant to be watched on your phone. So now when a film snob makes fun of you for watching something on you’re phone, you can say “this is how it was meant to be watched.” It’s a win-win situation!

Quibi is marketing themselves with the motto “quick bites, bigger stories” and we are definitely intrigued. And if that doesn’t intrigue you, we’re certain their star studded line up of shows will.

We’re super excited to watch Chrissy Teigen‘s new reality show Chrissy’s Court, and lucky for the show is premiering on launch day! If you love court shows, then this is the perfect show for you since Chrissy will be presiding over a real-life small claims court! Honestly, we hope we get taken to court just so we can have Chrissy judge us!

In addition to Chrissy’s reality show, Quibi will also air Joe Jonas‘ new reality show Cup of Joe starting April 27th. Though we don’t have a trailer yet, we know the show will be 8 episodes long and will follow Joe Jonas around the world as he interviews different people he meets.

Don’t worry if unscripted shows aren’t really you’re thing, because Quibi also has some amazing comedy and drama shows lined up.

Love Anna Kendrick? Well, then you have to check out her comedy Dummy when it starts streaming on April 20th. Kendrick will star in the show as a writer who has an interesting relationship with her boyfriend’s sex doll. Check out this unofficial sneak peak:

Have you been feeling an absence in your life without Sophie Turner on your screen every week? Fear not, because just like her husband, she also has a new show coming to Quibi. Sophie will play Jane, a girl who has just survived a plane crash and now must survive the elements.

And those are just some of our favorites! Here is everything coming to Quibi in April:

April 6

Most Dangerous Game​
When the Streetlights Go On​ 
&Music ​
Chrissy’s Court ​
Dishmantled ​
Fierce Queens 
Gayme Show! ​
Gone Mental with Lior ​
I Promise ​
Memory Hole 
Murder House Flip 
Nikki Fre$h
Run This City 
Shape of Pasta 
Singled Out 
Skrrt with Offset 
Thanks A Million 
The Sauce
You Ain’t Got These

April 13

Agua Donkeys ​
The Stranger ​
50 States of Fright
Elba v Block 
Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand
Fight Like a Girl

April 20

Iron Sharpens Iron ​

April 27

Cup of Joe​ 

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And the new content won’t stop in April. Quibi has even more shows slated to debut on their groundbreaking streaming service at a later date. These shows include Zac Efron’s reality series Killing Zac Efron, a design show that will build custom dog houses for their wealthy clientele, a comedy series inspired by the film How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, a drama series that aims to tell a semi-fictional story of how Snapchat came to be, and so much more. Quibi even plans to premier animation shows and will change up the way we watch the news by giving us bite sized new stories!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store or Google Play and preorder Quibi today! Once you pre-order you’ll get a 90 day free trial of Quibi! After that the service will be $4.99 with adds and $7.99 without ads. It’s a small price to pay for these amazing stories!

Still not convinced? Check out this trailer and get back to us then.

So, what do you think now? Will you be subscribing to Quibi? What show are you most excited to watch? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about Quibi: 

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