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Trivium’s Chilling Music Video: What The Dead Men Say

Trivium’s Chilling Music Video: What The Dead Men Say

Trivium hails from Orlando, Florida. A heavy metal band that’s been around since 1999. This April they’ll be dropping a new album but before that, they’ve got some things in store for us. One of those being a new badass music video for their title song ‘What The Dead Men Say’.

‘What The Dead Men Say’

The music comes in like a ritual chant. The video taking place deep in a forest. The set up gives us chills. There are beautiful close-ups and all-around artistic setups. Between costuming and lighting we are feeling the vibes. The music video was shot with great care, filming during the UK shut down, it really adds to the potency of the song. We are in trying times and the dead men are telling the tale. Throughout history, this has been the way. Currently, there is one other music video you should check out, but we’re sure you knew that.

The Album

We’re getting a ton of new songs. With the ninth full-length album, having 10 tracks. The album is called What The Dead Men Say. Out April 24th, it is sure to be an album to remember!

1. IX
2. What The Dead Men Say
3. Catastrophist
4. Amongst The Shadows And The Stones
5. Bleed Into Me
6. The Defiant
7. Sickness Unto You
8. Scattering The Ashes
9. Bending The Arc To Fear
10. The Ones We Leave Behind

Love that music video? Can’t wait for the album? If you haven’t seen Trivium’s last music video we recommend you check out this article. Want to let us know what you think? Leave a comment below or find us @thehoneypop on Twitter.

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Trivium’s Official YouTube Channel

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