GOT7 Swear ‘Not By The Moon’ In Comeback Trailer!

GOT7 Swear ‘Not By The Moon’ In Comeback Trailer!

Ahgase everywhere are thrilled to see at midnight KST, JYPE group GOT7 dropped their comeback trailer for ‘Not By The Moon,’ featuring on mini-album DYE. This is their first release of 2020!!

Late at night on April 5th, KST, GOT7 members dropped mysterious messages on their Instagram stories before the trailer’s release. Many Ahgase were trying to unravel the weird news!

But soon after, the trailer dropped, and there was an even larger reaction to the beautiful aesthetics of the video. Also, it was revealed that the concept of the title track is based on famed Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet!

GOT7 gave Ahgases a reason to brush up on literature or watch the acclaimed 90’s movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio! Alongside the trailer, JYPE dropped very aesthetically pleasing photos of the Romeo and Juliet scene quoted in the video!

DYE officially releases on April 20th at 6 PM KST, with the official MV for ‘Not By The Moon’! We’re thrilled to see what the fantastic members have in store for the world! We swear ‘Not By The Moon’ to miss out on this new era!

Are you the Juliet to GOT7’s Romeo? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or comment down below with your favorite moments from the trailer!

For more information on GOT7:

Featured image source: Twitter @GOT7Official

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