End Couchella Weekend With Another Amazing Playlist

End Couchella Weekend With Another Amazing Playlist

Well, HoneyPOP-ers it looks like we’ve come to the third and final day of our Couchella weekend. Trust us, we’re as sad as you are. The good news is we still have a fun filled day planned for day 3!

For the final day of Coachella we’ve curated a playlist that has a little bit of everything. We guess you could call it the “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” playlist!

Headlining day 3 of our inaugural Couchella weekend is our other March Madness winner Monsta X. Theirs fans voted hard to get them the honor of being our first March Madness winners and it only seemed fit that they got to headline the final day!

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Also joining Monsta X on our Couchella Day Three playlist is BTS, Grayscale, and Bazzi just to name a few!

So how do you celebrate the final day of Couchella weekend? Well, it’s just like Day One but less pop music!

You can start by streaming our Couchella Day 3 playlist that we made just for today!

We highly encourage you to sing, dance, and have your own mini concerts straight from your houses! Once again remember to tweet us pictures of you celebrating by using the hashtag #CouchellaTHP.

Once you’ve listened to the Couchella day three playlist it’s time to make things even more lively. Log on to Youtube and check out the music videos and live performances from the artists and bands on our lineup.

We suggest starting out with this amazing music video Monsta X’s song “Middle of the Night: ”

If KPOP isn’t really you’re thing, you might love this live concert that Grayscale put on! Don’t worry it’s a high quality video that will definietly make you feel like you’re at the show without the screams of fans and shaky footage. Check it out below:

And if you hate those two suggestions than quit whining and get to Youtube! But remember to stick to today’s lineup. After all, there’s no way you can change the lineup at Coachella and the same rules apply for Coachella.

Now that you’ve reached the end it’s time to start celebrating! Make sure you let us know what you’re listening to and how you’re celebrating the last day of Couchella weekend by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop using the hashtag #CouchellaTHP. And don’t forget to let us know if you want us to do more events like Couchella!

Thanks for celebrating with us!

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