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Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Welcome back to another week of killer jams to get you through the week. A full selection of metal music to help you stay sane while staying inside.

Coming out of the gate full throttle this week, we’ve got a band that does nothing less than deliver.



END, created of members Brendan Murphy (Vocals), Will Putney (Guitar), Gregory Thomas (Guitar), Jay Pepito (Bass), and Billy Rymer (Drums), has announced their new album due out June 5th. Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face via Close Casket Activities. It will be a compilation of eleven tracks, taking a deep dive into chaos, isolation, madness, and violence. END has collectively completed an album. One that will provide an overwhelming amount of creative work and intensity that will be sure to be an experience for all of us.

A group of musicians from various sub-genres of extreme music, END, has been pinned a perfect candidate for Metal Mondays. As they shared the video for new single ‘Pariah,’ it showcases their created potential as the band continues to thrive, and make themselves well known across the genre. 

In This Moment


In This Moment are known to spend most of their time on the road, bringing their epic and extraordinary live shows to their legion of dedicated fans. The band had to postpone its planned Spring 2020 headline tour with Black Veil Brides and DED. Stay tuned for an update regarding the rescheduled dates.

Known for spending most of their time on the road, with epic, no, absolutely extraordinary live shows, In This Moment delivers an entirely unique sound. So today, we share the thunderous new song ‘As Above So Below’ for your listening pleasure. Featured before, we couldn’t help but bring them back for more.



Slaves featuring drummer Zack Baker, guitarists Wes Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, bassist Colin Vieira, and new addition, vocalist Matt McAndrew have released a new song. ‘Talk To A Friend’ is conceived lyrically to land a punch directly to your gut. McAndrew says, “Being most unkind to yourself — saying things to yourself that you’d never say to a friend — is something I think will resonate with people.” We couldn’t agree more. It sets a perfect combination musically, meshing beautiful ethereal sounds, with elements that are far more dark, brooding, and heavy.

Plus, we’re siding with McAndrew, who thinks director Aaron Berkshire did a killer job, because check em’ out, KILLER BABES. 

Bury Tomorrow


Bury Tomorrow is such a great grab, they were previously featured on The Honey Pop’s Sweet Releases! And they rock so much, that they’re back again, but this time they are home as a feature on Metal Mondays. Recently releasing a new album, Cannibal, they hit the nail on the head with razor-sharp riffs, melodies, and a variation of clean and harsh vocals that are a match made in metal heaven. 

Releasing a video for single ‘Better Below,’ we dive into the mind of Dani Winter-Bates. As he touches on hard-hitting subjects, Stating that this song focuses on hiding your symptoms, which in turn can make them worse. Winter-Bates explains, “This song is about appearing as the version of yourself that you want people to see you as. I feel like I’m getting to a point where the ‘me’ I show people is the real me, but there was a large portion of my life where I couldn’t do this.” Reminding us that it’s okay to struggle, to be a real person, but most importantly, to be self-aware and reach out when in need.

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Ocean Grove


This is an exceptional selection, so we are finishing off strong. This particular band has been featured multiple times here at The Honey Pop. From Sweet Releases, Weekly Punk With A Pop, and even full-length features! So why wouldn’t they be a perfect little pick for Metal Mondays?!

Ocean-Grove dabbles in a genre that was big in the 90s, and we just PRAY for a comeback. If anyone is making it come back, well, it’s these dapper dudes. A Nu-Metal masterpiece, Ocean-Grove earns this spot as they’ve recently released the newest album Flip Phone Fantasy. The album purposefully pivots between genres and influences alike, gaining its name by being similar to a classic mixtape of the flip phone era. Man do we miss those days. “Rather than an album that streamlines in one direction of genre, ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ has the capacity to be someone’s very own mixtape from start to finish,” shares frontman Dale Tanner. “This record is the first of its kind, in that its sheer diversity will appeal to music listeners from all corners of the globe.” 

With chaos-filled songs like ‘Superstar’ to the laid back closer ‘Freaks,’ you get a complex sequence of moods and styles. Making Ocean-Grove a band you NEED to keep on your radar. 

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